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Practical Examples Of Emotional Cheating

Can you say that you have been guilty of emotional cheating as you are dating or in a relationship? Most likely not because most of us have a very loose definition of what emotional cheating actually is. However, experts believe that we have cheated emotionally at least once in our lifetime.

Emotional Cheating Has Many Forms

For starters, emotional cheating happens when a person invests more of their emotions and feeling outside their marriage or relationship. The person may also be receiving emotional support and/or companionship from another. Some practical examples of emotional cheating include the following:

1. Lying About How Close You Are With A Person

If you downplay how close you are to a person, it means that you are hiding something. Their may not be an affair happening, but you may have already invested emotionally into another and you don’t want your current partner to know about it.

2. Complaining About Your Partner To Someone Else

This situation is totally different from venting out to your friends and family after a fight. Don’t you find it weird that you are complaining about your partner to someone you met online last week, or even an acquaintance from work?

3. Sharing Good News With Someone Else

The first person you should be sharing the good news is your partner. He or she is the love of your life, after all. If you’d rather share your news to another person that means that you are more emotionally connected to this person than your partner.

4. Deleting Texts Or Calls

Why would you delete your text or call history when you are not hiding anything? The mere fact that you want to hide you texts and calls is already a red flag. Even if you say that they were harmless. You still want to hide them from your partner which is a cause for concern.

Let’s be clear that cheating of any form shouldn’t be done when you are in a serious relationship. When it comes to emotional cheating, you’d have to discuss it with your partner so both of you know your limits. For more updates and reviews, read other posts on the blog.