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These Polyglot Asian Babes Speak Your Language, Put Them To The Test

Polyglots are people who know how to speak several languages. According to science, we are attracted to polyglots, or bilinguals at least, because we think highly of the country that originated the language they speak. It also cannot be denied that when a person speaks another language, we view him or her as being prestigious Рable to wander the world or learn from the best schools. This week, we introduce you to polyglot Asian babes.

What Language Do These Polyglot Asian Ladies Speak?

We gather up sizzling Asian ladies who know how to speak a language other than their mother tongue. Let’s see if science is right about us finding polyglots attractive and prestigious:


Wenjun | Asian Date Lady

The beautiful Wenjun was born in Germany. She doesn’t just speak two languages, but she speaks six. She knows German, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Italian. She’s currently living in China, managing her own business. This lady describes herself as charismatic. Find out if this is true.


Xue | Asian Date Lady

Xue is one of the most independent polyglot Asian ladies on this list. She works as a manager and knows how to speak French, English and Chinese. She knows how to speak these languages because she has vacations a lot in the US and France. Based on her interview, she has vacation villas there already prepped for a romantic getaway.


Yaqiong | Asian Date Lady

Yaqiong speaks English and Japanese. She’s a business owner from China who would like to meet someone sincere. She values honesty the most when in relationships. She’s looking forward to going on a date and finally settling down.


Siyu | Asian Date Lady

You can talk to Siyu in English and Russian. She speaks Russian because she is a quarter Russian on one of her parents’ side of the family. She says that she is quite conservative and sometimes shy, which is why she’s looking for a man who can bring out her confidence.


Qian | Asian Date Lady

Finally Qian is the gorgeous lawyer on our list who knows how to speak Spanish. To her, this language is very passionate and romantic. It also sounds rather melodic to the ears, she says. When she’s not inside the office or court room, she cooks, does yoga, watches movies, or reads a book.

Are you attracted to any of the Asian ladies we have on the list? Remember that you can get to know more about them by visiting their profile. Just click on their name. We will have more lists for you next week! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog.