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Online Dating Red Flags You Must Be Aware Of

In case you didn’t know what a red flag is, it’s a sign that you should watch out for because it tells you that the person you’ve been chatting with may potentially be scamming you in more ways than one. Since Asian women have become more in demand in the online dating scene, scammers saw this as an opportunity and believe us when we say that they are on the prowl for those who are gullible enough to be caught totally unaware of online dating red flags.

Be Careful If You Notice These Online Dating Red Flags

It’s true that there have been a lot of people who have fallen victim to scammers pretending to be Asian women looking for relationships online. This is why it’s so important to be aware of the 4 must-know and most common online dating red flags:

Red Flag #1: Asking for money.

When chatting with an Asian woman, you’ll be able to talk about a lot of things. If you get really close, she’ll be able to tell you the ups and downs that she’s had in her life. She will only do this if she feels comfortable with you BUT what she WOULD NOT do is ask for money because it’s just unethical. Any Asian woman looking for a serious relationship won’t be in the habit of doing this.

Here are the usual reasons scammers use to ask for money:

  • “I will use it for processing my visa.”
  • “I have a sick family member in the hospital.”
  • “I need it badly or else they will kick me out of my home.”
  • and the list goes on…

IMPORTANT: It’s always nice to help people but you have to be aware that this is a major sign of you getting scammed. Don’t take this lightly because there are horror stories of people getting scammed even on a Christian dating site.

Red Flag #2: Making excuses.

You’ve attempted to talk about meeting in the near future but the Asian woman that you’re talking to is suspiciously vague about it. She may be giving you hints on how it might be difficult for the both of you to meet. You once asked her to do a video call with you and she made excuses. You once asked her to do a voice call with you and she made excuses. These are all pretty standard things when you’re online dating: talking about meeting, having video calls and voice calls. If she’s not doing any of these, then it’s a red flag.

Red Flag #3: Inconsistencies.

You may be a professional liar but you cannot keep up with your lies for that long. If the Asian woman your chatting with suddenly changed her birthday or changed the place she was born in then be very careful. She might have just forgotten (although you never really forget your birthday) or she might be a scammer. You will find these little inconsistencies here and there, and you’ll definitely know that they are inconsistencies if you are paying attention.

Red Flag #4: Robotic messages.

One observed red flag is messages that don’t really sound natural – they sound copied and pasted in other words. Usually, Asian women are ok in the English speaking department but you can bet on your lucky stars that their messages will not seem robotic. Even if you’re not very good intuitively, you’ll be able to tell which messages are fake and which are genuine.

These are just common ones that you really need to know to stay safe in the online dating world. There are more red flags that you need to be aware of so check back very soon for more similar posts.