Offline Advice: 6 Ways to get that Asian Girl’s Attention

So you’re into Asian women but don’t quite know how to act or what to say to get their attention and maybe say Asian girl's attentionYES to a first date with you. Do you ask her out immediately? Do you even approach her? Do you buy her drinks? No worries. We feel you and we’ve got you covered!

But, before we tell you exactly how you can get the Asian girl of your dreams’ attention, you have to remember that there are two types of Asian girls:

  • American-Asian girl – Her family might have moved to the States when she was younger. She grew up in Western culture and is, therefor, hugely influenced by it but she still experiences a bit of Asian culture in her own home. This type of Asian girl won’t be our subject for today’s post. Getting her attention is very different from getting an Native-Asian girl’s attention.
  • Native-Asian girl – Born and raised in her native country. Her beliefs, her ideals and her attitude is hugely influenced by her specific culture. We’re going to get this Asian girl’s attention today.

6 Ways to get that Asian Girl’s Attention

When you haven’t said HI yet:

1. Smile once and then look away.

This is applicable when you’re at a cafe, at a restaurant or at any casual place for dining or drinking. Let’s say you saw an attractive Asian lady in a cafe you frequent. Catch her attention by making eye contact and then smiling (no teeth). Only do this once because you do not want to be creepy by smiling at her every 5 seconds. What you do next will be based on her reaction.

2. Buy her drinks.

This is also a good move when you are somewhere casual. Buy her (and her friends) coffee and then have the waiter say that it is from you. Movie-ish moves like this will get any Asian girl’s attention.

3. Ask for directions.

This is a great move when you’re just walking along the streets of Asia, doing a bit of sight seeing. You can also do this even if you’re not lost. Asian girl’s are always willing to help with directions if you approach them correctly (and by correctly we mean non-threateningly).

When you’re already conversing with her:

1. Act casual and natural.

Drop the cocky act and just be yourself. It’s progress that you’re already talking to the Asian girl you’ve been wanting to meet so don’t screw it up by acting too tough. Maintain your level of confidence but make sure that it’s not too over-the-top.

2. Ask her questions.

Sometimes, to get an Asian girl’s attention means that you also need to pay attention to her. While in a conversation, ask her questions about herself. Encourage her to share more about her life. Don’t do too much of this, though. She might feel bombarded. Respond to questions yourself.

3. Go ahead. Ask her out.

Once you’ve said hello, your clock is ticking. This means that an Asian girl will only give you a short amount of time to talk to her. After having a short conversation, go for it by asking her out on a date.

It Could Go Either Way

First dates with Native-Asian girls could be difficult to acquire because, commonly, Asians only date within their circle of friends (unless it is a blind date). However, if you play your cards right and show her that you’re a perfect gentleman, you’ll get that Asian girl’s attention and land that first date easily.