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NO-NOs When Dating Asian Women

When dating Asian women, you have to know that majority of the women in Asia love meeting foreign men. It can probably be the allure of meeting someone from another country and another culture that’s so captivating.

The problem is, however, a lot of foreign men always seem to apply the stereotypes they’ve come to know of Asian women when approaching one. Dating Asian women can be simple and easy, but, because foreign men act on their limited knowledge of what an Asian woman is about, it turns out complicated and difficult.

If you’re a foreign man, and if you’re reading this now, here’s a list of what you must avoid if you want to make dating Asian women uncomplicated:

1. Skip those cheesy Chinese phrases when saying Hello.

Instead of saying “Ni Hao”, which is Chinese for Hello, why not just say Hello? Something as simple as Hi will do, please remember that next time you approach the next Asian woman who sparks your interest.

First off, she may not even be Chinese. By saying what you think may impress her, you’re showing her that you’re generalizing how Asian people look. Not all Asians look alike and, to most, it’s very insulting if they are mistaken for an Asian they are not. For example, it won’t be good for you if you mistake a Japanese from a Chinese by saying Ni Hao as a greeting.

2. She doesn’t know Kung Fu so don’t ask.

This question is probably an itch in every foreign man’s mind. If you haven’t thought of this, you’ve surely though about asking Asian women if all people from her country know kung fu. No – it’s so stereotypical. Kung Fu is being practiced by a lot of Asians, but it’s also pretty popular in the West as well as in other countries. Just skip this question all together.

3. She’s probably after a visa.

When dating Asian women, foreign men commonly worry about intentions. Stories of women in different parts of Asia considering relationships with foreign men as tickets out of the country are very prominent. This is mostly because some do get into relationships to get out of the country, but there are good ones that are actually looking for relationships and not tickets or visas.

You, of course, still have to protect yourself which is why you need to watch out for red flags. You’ll find a lot of articles in this blog about that.

4. Talk about any Asian religion under a bad light – avoid this.

Asia is a melting pot of cultures. This means that it’s also home to many religions. When dating Asian women, you have to remember that religion can be a touchy subject because some are very much into their respective religions they were born into. Talking about Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism in a negative light is a big No-No.

Remember this too: it’s great to find out what beliefs specific Asian women have, but please know that it may not work between the both of you if you have extremely opposite beliefs.

When dating Asian women, you probably just have to remember to avoid acting on the stereotypes you’ve come to know to be on the safe zone. The best way is always to look at each Asian woman like they’re individuals whom you need to get to know first. To know more tips about dating Asian women, be sure to check out this blog.