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New Year’s Eve Games That Bring Couples Closer

Have you ever thought about playing games with your significant other during the New Year’s Eve? Yes, it’s an uncommon practice. And, it does sound a bit silly when you say it out loud. However, if it’s something new for you and your partner, playing New Year’s Eve games is a great way to rekindle your spark or foster that connection you have.

New Year’s Eve Games That Will Keep You Romantically Connected

Do you know that one of the biggest mistakes that couples make is that they stop being friends? Of course, they’re still that romantic connection. However, when the spark is gone, the foundation of friendship will keep the two people together. Here are a few New Year’s Eve games you can try together:

1. A Hunt For The Kiss

Have you ever had a kiss hunt? Well, this is your chance to try it. Usually, a kiss during the midnight is considered good luck for the new year. A few minutes before midnight strikes, leave clues about where your partner can find his or her kiss. The kiss should happen on a romantic spot inside your house (like the balcony where you can see the fireworks).

2. Cooking Game

How do you play the cooking game? You challenge each other to cook the best tasting omelette. This dish is simple to do and easy to spruce up. Of course, you have to be the judge for each other’s creation. Crack those eggs and let the fun begin.

3. Resolutions Charades

This New Year’s Eve game is new. Write down a few of your resolutions on paper. Then, take turns acting out what you both wrote. It should be interesting to guess what your partner wants to change.

Don’t be afraid to be silly with the person you love. Have fun as you do these games. Don’t allow your shyness to limit you from having a good time and fostering that connection with your partner. For more tips about relationships, wither online or offline, read other posts on the blog.