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Acts That You Should Never Do To Please Your Partner

In a relationship, we know that nobody is perfect. So, we make compromises to make things work out. That is common and it has worked for most of us. However, there are certain things that you should not or never do to please your partner. In fact, some dating experts say that doing these acts will cause you to lose your identity.

Do Not Lose Yourself By Doing These Compromises To Please Your Partner

Admittedly, it’s alright to do certain things to make your partner happy. For example, you may want to fix dinner to make a night special. However, here’s a list of things you should never do upon the request of your significant other:

Change Your Look Or Style

When you get into a relationship, you bring your whole person into it, including your look or your style. You may want to look good or even better than you already are because you are in love, but not because you were egged on or forced to by your partner. Giving up something as basic as your style may dull your personality and make you lose your sense of self.

Cut off your loved ones.

Before your relationship, you visit your parents and you go out with your friends regularly. When you started dating, you started losing interest in other human beings beside your partner. This is not healthy. No partner is worthy enough for you to give your whole life to, including your family. You need other people in your relationship, too.

Fulfill Uncomfortable Requests

These requests can be anything, like a lie to their boss. It’s okay to ask favors or requests from each other, but if the request is something that compromises one’s beliefs, integrity, or tolerance, then you can say no. Or you can talk out the reason why you cannot fulfill such a request.

Give Up Your Privacy

When you get into a relationship, remember that you are still a person, an individual with your own unique DNA, signature, likes, and dislikes. While you may opt to share passwords or ATM pin codes just for convenience, it should not be forced. We should be able to maintain some privacy in our lives, even if we are already in a romantic relationship or even if we are already married.

Don’t give in to your partner’s requests all the time. As mentioned, it’s ideal if you talk to your partner and reach a common ground when it comes to fulfilling things that make you lose your identity. For more advice on building stronger relationships, read the rest of our blog.