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Men, Never Forget These Relationship Dates And You’re Saved

Men always forget important relationship dates, don’t you agree? Don’t worry, it may not be your fault, especially when you have a busy life. Also, there might be a million and one significant relationship dates that your partner is remembering. You can’t possibly remember them all.

These Are All The Essential Relationship Dates You Need To List Down

In most cases, women remember dates better because that’s just how a woman’s mind is wired. Despite this, you still have to make an effort to list down just the essential dates that are significant in your partnership.  What exactly are the essential dates? Read the list below:

1. Wedding/Dating Anniversary

Of course, we started this list with the most important date. This is probably the most basic out of all the items. No matter what the circumstance, you need to remember when you got married, or when you first started dating.

2. The Month You Proposed

Did you propose in January? Then, you need to place a certain amount of importance on this month. Your proposal (if you popped the question already) was one of the milestones in your partner’s life. Hence, you need to list down the date somewhere, for you to do something simple yet special on the particular month.

3. Your Kids’ Birthdays

If you already have kids, it’s absolutely imperative for you to remember their birthdays. This is self-explanatory. If you don’t have kids yet, then you only have to remember two dates.

Three to two relationship dates aren’t too much to memorize, right? To make things easier for you, record everything on the calendar on your phone. Set it up so your phone alerts you a week before the important day. You can also make use of any calendar you have, like the one you might have on your desk or email.

Alerting you one week before the important date should give you enough time to prepare a gift or make reservations at the restaurant where you had your first date (if you can remember this detail, that is). For more tips on how to improve your relationship, read more posts on our blog.