An article about Asian babes in blue dresses.

You’ll Never Feel Blue With These Asian Babes In Blue

The old idiom of “feeling blue” is one we used when we’re depressed, but blue is a misunderstood color, as it is also the magical color of the beautiful sky and the sea. Today, we try to restore its name, by showing you the photos of some of the most beautiful Asian babes in blue dresses.

These Babes In Blue Will Surely Make You Happy

We bet you won’t feel depressed when you look at those lovely girls’ pictures where they’re dressed in blue and read all about their interesting personalities.


Shane is the first on our list of babes in blue.
Gorgeous Filipina, Shane, is looking for a loyal and loving kind of guy.

Today, our list begins with a 30-year-old Filipina, Shane. The girl with the beaming smile is a teacher who describes herself with a number of adjectives, like “feminine, romantic, outgoing, optimistic, independent, fashionable, gentle and loving”. In her spare time, Shane likes swimming, practicing yoga, cycling, being close to nature, reading, cooking, sightseeing and traveling. The sweet lady says she’d like to find a man who will be loyal and loving.


A Chinese lady is the second on our babes in blue list.
Sweet Dandan says she’s got many sides for someone to explore.

In the second place of our list of babes in blue, we find pretty Dandan, from Zhengzhou, China. This 25-year-old sweetheart is a business owner who describes herself as a multifaceted person. She is fashionable and modern, but also an Oriental woman. Dandan enjoys reading, practicing yoga and driving her car around, as being close to nature helps her relax. She also says swimming in her bikini is her favorite way to keep fit. When it comes to choosing an ideal partner, Dandan only cares about finding real and lasting love. She says she can discern a man’s true feelings from the special sparkle in his eyes.


Brenda hold the third spot of our babes in blue list.
Sultry Brenda says she’s a simple kind of girl.

In the third spot of our list, we meet another lady from the Philippines: Brenda. The 28-year-old beauty describes herself as “simple and kind” and says she loves to help people. She is also cheerful, romantic, and passionate. In her leisure time, the beautiful teacher finds fun things to do both indoors and outdoors. When she’s home, she likes cooking, reading, dancing and practicing yoga. Outdoors, she enjoys swimming, mountain climbing, playing volleyball and badminton and having picnics. Her ideal man is a simple, affectionate, humorous, loyal, and loving kind of guy.


A Thai girl is the penultimate of our babes in blue list.
Tidawan promises to make her man feel truly unique.

Next, we find a charming girl from Chiang Mai, in Thailand. Tidawan is 26 years old and works as a cosmetologist in a beauty salon. She says she is a great listener who loves to communicate with interesting people and share her feelings with good people. Tidawan promises that a relationship with her in unique and will give her man more than any other woman can. In her free time, the expressive Thai likes to watch films – sometimes light comedies – and listen to music. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and also dreams of visiting Italy one day. Her ideal kind of partner will be intelligent, reliable, self-sufficient, and sincere.


The last on the babes in blue list, Ruhua.
Ruhua is a simple, open-minded and romantic kind of girl.

In the fifth, and unfortunately last, spot of our babes in blue list, we find a super cute girl: Ruhua. Ruhua, who is just 20 years old, is from China. She is a business owner who says that she’s open minded and likes making friends. Ruhua is a great romantic who likes the simple things in life. In her leisure time, the Chinese beauty likes watching films (especially romcoms), reading, doing sports, traveling, swimming and cleaning the house. As concerns her partner, she’d like him to be sincere and mature and to genuinely love her.

We’re pretty sure you’ve changed your mind about the color blue now you’ve seen our babes in blue list. If you want to know more about the girls, simply click on their names. For previous lists, click here. And if you want to see more Asian ladies’ profiles, waste no time – visit AsianDate today.