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Negative Feelings Can Do This To Your Relationship

Studies have shown that in a relationship, it is easier to pick up big cues like happiness or excitement and anger. But, soft negative feelings like sadness are easily neglected because partners are not that sensitive to these non-verbal cues. More often than not, these sad feelings are often taken for granted or totally ignored.

Dealing With Negative Feelings Is Important In Relationships

These negative feelings may not be directly related to the relationship, however, if left ignored, it can also adversely affect whatever you are sharing with your partner. They are best dealt with as soon as possible. So how can you be more sensitive to your partners’ subtle emotions?

Pay more attention to your partner.

The best thing to do is to pay more attention to your partner. Oftentimes, we become so close and familiar to each other that we think we know the person too much already. But when there is sadness, we fail to pick up the signs.

Don’t get distracted by always watching videos on YouTube, or by your friends asking you out. Every day, we are faced with different challenges. If you are observant enough, you will notice slight differences in your partner, such as hunched shoulders, decreased verbal exchange, lack of energy, or a certain sadness in the eyes. If you are observant enough, you will notice these subtle changes and act on them immediately.

Ask your partner directly.

If you have noticed that something is wrong but cannot point a finger on it, ask your partner directly. If they cannot verbalize what is wrong, offer comfort, such as a hug. A warm and sincere hug is a very potent remedy to any sad feeling. Also, be wary about asking too much, it can also get annoying if your partner is refusing to talk.

Don’t be on the defensive.

Remember, not everything is about you. There could be many different reasons for feeling sad. So ask with an open mind. If it is indeed about you, be ready to apologize and probably change that thing that is making your partner upset.

These negative feelings can get in the way of your happiness as a couple. When you feel something is off with your partner, deal with it immediately before it creates a wedge between you two. For more tips by Asian Date, check out the rest of our blog.