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What You Need To Know About Japan’s Companionship Dating

In the past year, Japan has been the topic of news and conversations.  This is because of their current trends regarding dating and marriage. Reports have revealed that Japan’s birthrate has declined. Additionally, news has also focused on a growing number of Japanese citizens not wanting to get married. Well, with this plethora of negative dating trends, there’s a new one that has emerged and it is called companionship dating.

The Basics Of Companionship Dating

A companion is defined as someone who you spend a lot of time with. And, this is what companionship dating is all about. Basically, to make the long story short, it’s dating minus the physical intimacy. Romantic feelings could be part of the equation, but the focus of companionship dating is for the two people involved to just enjoy each other’s company. The focus is not on the romance or the feeling of it.

Interestingly, this trend is commonly observed in Japanese men. According to a few locals, men would rather have someone they are interested to spend time with but without the physical contact. Locals continued by saying that the most likely explanation of this is because Japanese men don’t want to get tied down. For example, women who are over the age of 30 are already at a point in their life where they want to settle down. Dating someone with this mindset could set a man off from just wanting something casual.

Is Companionship Dating For You?

Companionship dating is a choice. More specifically, it has to be a choice made by the two people involved in this kind of relationship. If not, one might feel like he or she was left in the dark with a broken heart because of different expectations. Go ahead and try it if the person you’re interested in is willing to try it as well.

What You Can Do With This Information

There are Japanese women who do not like this dating trend. As mentioned, those who have reached a certain age will want a family of their own. But, because most men in Japan are practicing companionship dating, it’s likely that women will take to online dating to find a partner in life. This may be your chance to find an Asian woman who you can cherish.

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