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This “N” Word Will Totally Destroy Your Happy Relationship

A happy relationship is hard to come by these days, wouldn’t you agree? We are so caught up in making the relationship perfect that we allow our partnerships to just wither away. A lot of couples today are guilty of this. A lot of couples allow the “N” word to seep into their relationship.

“N” Is Short For Neglect And It’s Ruining Your Happy Relationship

Neglect can just creep up into your relationship, especially when you’ve been with your partner for years. One person does a little of it here and there, while the other doesn’t notice it from happening. It can simply creep up and it’s all our fault.

By definition, neglect means a state of being uncared for. This may sound very straightforward, but a couple doesn’t usually identify neglect in a seemingly happy relationship until it’s too late.

The result of neglect is simply drawing apart. The once romantic couple, blissful in each other’s arms, have become strangers.

How To Avoid Neglect Or How To Turn Things Around

You can do a lot to avoid neglect and make a happy relationship with your partner again. Here’s what you do:

1. Identify The Signs

So how can you tell if there’s neglect in your relationship? For one, you’re interest is not there anymore. Every time you fight with your partner, for example, you don’t want to talk it out. You just want to leave it be until the fire dies down. Second, your relationship is bland and that’s ok with you. You don’t do anything about it.

2. Have The Conversation

Set your partner aside and talk about the status of your relationship. It’s important that your partner knows that neglect has already entered into your love life.

3. Make A Commitment

This last step may be the hardest to do. both of you in the relationship have to make a conscious effort to spend more time with each other and give the other person the right amount of attention.

Stick to doing these three steps consistently, and you’ll be on your way to a happy relationship. If you keep doing what your doing now, it’s going to be the end of everything or, worse, your relationship will be stuck in limbo. For more dating tips and relationship advice, check out more posts from our blog.