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Why Mutual Interests Are Important When Dating

Do you think that having mutual interests is a vital factor in every romantic relationship? There are a lot of people who think that it isn’t because it’s good to have a lot of differences to keep the relationship interesting. It’s true, to some extent, but having mutual interests will act as a tool for you to build intimacy over.

How Mutual Interests Benefit A Relationship

There’s nothing wrong with liking different things. We are individuals, we don’t like the same stuff or have the same opinions all of the time. Like, if you don’t prefer eating spicy food while your partner absolutely loves it. But, there are so many benefits any relationship (romantic or not) can get when mutual interests are in place:

1. It Breeds Passion

It is going to feel nice when both of you are passionate about something. Imagine you and your date having so much fun playing paint ball or cooking a nice meal for the both of you. It’s going to be a nice experience which will help you connect with each other at a different level of intimacy, breeding passion in the process.

2. You Are Part Of The Same Tribe

Another comforting idea of having mutual interests is that it will make you feel like you are part of the same tribe. If both of you like Starwars and there’s some Starwars news that you just heard, who do you think is the first person you’re going to share this with? Of course, your partner or date. Because you have that feeling of belonging, you’ll find yourselves closer together.

3. New Horizon

Like what was mentioned, it would be impossible for all of your likes to be similar. Because you share mutual interests, it might encourage you to explore other things that your partner likes. For example, both of you like Korean food. Your partner might say that you should try eating Vietnamese food next time. It’s likely that you are encouraged to share more moments together.

It’s alright if you have a lot of different interests with your partner as long as you share some things that you like together. Take advantage of this. Meanwhile, you also need to be open to trying things that your partner likes. You’ll never know, you might like a certain activity, movie, or event that your love likes too. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.