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Get More Online Dates With Just These Five Words

What’s in a dating profile that gets more online dates? Is it the photo, amount of words, or is it the content itself? It’s, actually, a little bit of everything. But, a new research suggests that there is a way for you to increase the irresistibly of your profile. You just have to add five words.

Have More Online Dates By Mentioning Keywords On Your Profile

A dating site analyzed different profiles of male members. The content of their profiles were scanned. The amount of responses they received were also analyzed. The results revealed that the male members who had these five keywords on their profiles had more online dates:

1. Physically Fit

96% of women on the dating site respond to men who say that they are physically fit. This may be due to natural selection. The way we select our mates are sometimes determined by physical features that indicate good health.

For example, men find women with red lips attractive because this can indicate that a woman is healthy enough to bear a child. This is all according to science. So, a woman’s reaction to the phrase “physically fit” could be because of natural selection.

2. Perceptive

If you have the word “perceptive” on your profile, you’ll most likely get an increase in responses by 51%, based on the research. Perceptive is synonymous to sensitive and discerning – the characteristics women need a man to have when in a relationship.

3. & 4. Spontaneous and Outgoing

Based on the research, dating profiles of men with the words “spontaneous” and “outgoing” had 44% to 45% increase in getting online dates compared to those that do not. It is because these two words show that you might be the kind of person who is fun to be with.

5. Optimistic

This one is a no-brainer because everybody wants to date a person who is positive, and is happy most of the time. When you describe yourself as optimistic, you’re clearly telling the person who is reading your online dating profile that you don’t allow negative vibes in your life. Who wouldn’t want to be with a person like this?

It’s probably time to rewrite your profile. Include these five words  and let us know how it has helped you get more online dates. For more dating tips, check our more posts from our blog.