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How Money Affects Your Love Life

What does credit score have to do with having a better love life? Yes, it sounds far-fetched because finances and love are two very different aspects of life. But, it’s interesting that a research, done by the Federal Reserve, suggests that there might be a connection present.

Does Being Good With Money Help With Our Love Life?

The research focused on 12million randomly selected consumers from a credit reporting agency. The researchers used an algorithm program to determine a connection between credit score and the commitment level of couples.

The researchers did some thorough testing by analysing the data on its own and, then, applying some controlling factors in the study such as income, educational attainment and race. But, still, the results remained the same. A couple tends to stay together longer when their credit scores are high. Here are other interesting observations that were made:

  • Couples with high credit scores upon starting the relationship were more likely to stay together over the next years.
  • Every extra 100 pts in a couple’s average credit score helped in bringing down the likelihood of the couple splitting by 30%.
  • The closer the couple’s difference in their scores, the more likely they will stay together in the long run.

Reasons Our High Credit Score Helps Us Get A Better Love Life


So, now we know that there is a connection between how well we handle money and the likelihood of our relationship turning out to be a success. Why is this so? Researchers pointed out that it is not the credit score itself, but what the number represents. For most people, a person with a high credit score is:

  • Responsible
  • Trust-worthy
  • Obviously great with money which can lead to future financial stability
  • Smart/ With a good head on his or her shoulders

The opposite of everything also has the opposite result. If you have low credit scores, potential dates might think that you could lead the relationship into financial trouble in the future. Now, do you see how important your credit score is? While it’s not the number itself, the entire perspective on handling money or being good with money can significantly help you better your love life.

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