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How Modern Dating Works: Connecting Through Technology

The best thing about our technology today is it allows us to connect with other people easily. You could be half way around the world and it wouldn’t matter. AsianDate has taken advantage of this fact by providing its clients with a newer way of keeping in touch with lovely ladies from Asia through modern dating.

Modern Dating Will Transform Your Search For Love

There’s no more need to use snail mail because you’ll have the option to chat online in real time using the Live Chat feature. You can also ditch just plain talking on the phone for hours because you can have a more enhanced experience of modern dating using AsianDate’s CamShare feature.

There are several advantages to these two features so let’s take a closer look to examine the details.

Asian Date Live Chat Feature

• You’ll be able to send and receive messages in real time and so will your Asia lady friend. You don’t have to wait for messages to arrive because they will appear instantly on your chat window.
• The Live Chat also has a video feature but the size of the video is fairly small and the quality of it is only standard. You’ll also be only to view the video one way, meaning that you and your friend cannot see each other through the camera at the same time.
• You’ll also be able to play games and send out virtual gifts. There’s no need to schedule this in advance. All you have to do is click on the Live Chat button or link and then follow the instructions.

Asian Date CamShare Feature

• CamShare will allow you to chat to your partner. The messages are sent and received in real time, very much like the Live Chat feature that we mentioned earlier.
• The main differences are in the video size, direction and quality. The video size is definitely bigger and of a higher quality. You’ll also be able to see each other through video which makes the experience all the more memorable compared to Live Chat where the video is unidirectional.
• Similar to the Live Chat feature, you’ll also be able to play games, send out gifts and have instant access to the feature when the need arises.

Usage Suggestions

Thanks to AsianDate, you’ll be able to communicate better using these features. We’ve compiled a few suggestions on how you can use them effectively:

1. Go on a Video Date. Set up your dinner and make her set up hers as well in front of the camera. Pretend like you’re in a restaurant together.
2. Don’t exactly know what to say during a live chat? Try breaking the ice using the games or gifts feature.
3. Express how you feel using emoticons. It gives your sentences an extra “umph”.


You can visit AsianDate to find out more about these website features and learn more about their mobile dating app. A lot of people have already had better online dating experiences because of these features so why shouldn’t you?

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