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Modern Dating App Turn Ons And Offs You Should Know About

Before using a modern dating app, we should definitely be more aware of the biggest turn ons and offs of potential matches. We may be thinking of the basics, like being polite and courteous. But, those are constants. The biggest turn ons and turn offs when using a modern dating app are actually triggered by your photos.

Do Your Photos Repel Matches On A Modern Dating App?

Definitely, how you talk and conduct yourself play important roles in getting you the first date, but your photos formulate first impressions. That’s why they are so important. So let’s go over the photos that are most liked and disliked when you are on a modern dating app:

For Men

A study found that women are more likely to respond better to photos of men that:

  • Are in the countryside – 30%
  • Show a dog – 29%
  • Are displaying tattoos – 17%
  • Sport a beard – 18%

What does this tell us? Women like men who love the great outdoors! Most likely, the first impression that women make are positive, thinking that the man is outgoing, cheerful, approachable, and charming. On the other hand, women don’t respond well to photos of men that:

  • Are with an attractive woman – 54%
  • Are group photos (making it difficult to decipher who the profile owner is) – 49%
  • Are shirtless photos – 47%
  • Is a mirror selfie – 32%

You probably know what the lesson is: women don’t want to meet a playboy which is what the impression is when you have a woman with you on your profile picture.

For Women

On the same study, it was found that men respond more to women with the following profile photos:

  • Women in underwear or a bikini – 33%
  • Women in the countryside – 33%
  • Taken in the gym – 25%

The results tell women two very important dating reminders: men notice a woman’s appearance first, and women who are outgoing score plus points. Oppositely, men don’t seem to like the following profile photos of women:

  • Group photos – 40%
  • A picture of a woman with an attractive man – 34%
  • A photo with a dating app filter – 29%

It is very clear that men, too, don’t like seeing women with other guys on their photos. They also dislike group photos that don’t clearly show who the real owner of the profile is.

When you have all of these turn ons and offs memorized, you’ll have a better chance of finding a good match online. For more modern dating app tips, read other posts on our blog.