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Mention This Sport In Your Dating Profile To Get More Dates

We may have played sports when we were still young but the majority of us have probably dropped playing any kind of sports altogether. It’s understandable. Our lives got busy as we grew older. However, if you’re trying to get more dates through online dating, the result of one study may motivate you to play sports again.

The Sports That You Need To Include In Your Profile To Get More Dates

One study performed an experiment where the researchers made two dummy online dating accounts – one male and one female. Most information remained the same over time, but the kind of sports mentioned on the profiles were updated regularly. The researchers contacted a few matches and then they let the profiles sit for a few days.

The Results

When it was time to check the insights, it was found that it’s advantageous to mention that you play some kind of sport in your online dating profile. Researchers observed that it increased the likelihood of getting replies and matches. The account that did not mention any type of sport only got about 57 responses and matches out of 200. The one that mentions a sport got a whopping 94!

The top sport that women responded to the most was rugby. Believe it or not, weightlifting came in second. In third place is golf. It’s too bad that there wasn’t any mention or explanation as to why these sports seemed to catch females’ attentions.

How To Take Advantage Of The Results

There are a couple of things that you need to remember the next time you date online. First, it couldn’t hurt to take up sports again. Even if the type of sport you’re into wasn’t mentioned, it’s still a plus point for you dating and health-wise.

Second, it’s best that you don’t fake it. Mentioning a sport without actually playing it can be very tempting, and it’s simply a white lie, isn’t it? Yes, but this white could end up hurting your chances for a future date so stick to being honest.

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