Today's Asian sweethearts are fresh-faced and supercute.

Meet These Asian Sweethearts, Full Of Intoxicating Youth

Today’s Top 5 list is like a bunch of intoxicatingly beautiful, exotic flowers. These Asian sweethearts are under 25 years old and like a fresh breeze on our screens. Let’s find out more about them.

Celebrate The Fresh Looks And Natural Charm Of These Asian Sweethearts

From the ancient times to our modern day, youth and beauty have been celebrated all over the world. The fresh faces and sweet aura of the Asian sweethearts on our Top 5 list today make them adorable.


Chinese university student Hengmei opens our under 25 years old list.
Chinese University student Hengmei loves to cook, do yoga and dance.

Starting today’s Top 5 list is Chinese 20-year-old Hengmei. The gorgeous University student is very much looking forward to finding her ideal partner. She describes herself as outgoing, clever, passionate and independent. She loves dancing, practicing yoga and cooking- and, ideally, her man should also know how to cook. Hengmei also says she wants him to be understanding and responsible.


The 3rd on the list of Asian sweethearts is Karen. a strong-headed Filippina who loves people with a sense of humour.
24-year-old Karen is passionate, strong-headed and fun. She is looking for someone with a sense of humor too.

Beautiful Karen is next on our list. The 24-year-old Filipina is a funny and outgoing person who loves to smile and laugh. She says she has her own mind, she loves animals and she’s passionate about sports and physical exercise. Her ideal partner is someone who’s passionate, kind-hearted and funny.


Kazakh Aisamal may be under 25 years old, but she has a very mature personality.
Beautiful Aisamal from Kazakhstan is studying to become a teacher. She’s looking for an honest and open kind of man.

Right in the middle of our list, we find gorgeous Aisamal from Kazakhstan. The 21-year-old brunette with the expressive brown eyes is currently studying to become a teacher. She says she is old-fashioned and family-oriented, she loves nature, and she has a good sense of humor. Aisamal also likes dancing, and she claims to be a good dancer too. Her perfect man needs to be caring, honest, self-reliant and communicative.


Piyada is under 25 years old, but the Asian sweetheart knows what she's looking for in life.
Sweet Piyada is calm, communicative and friendly. Her ideal man will also be calm, but also strong and confident.

Next on this list is captivating Piyada, a 23-year-old Art Historian from the Phuket province in Thailand. Piyada is clever, interesting and attentive. She says she is enigmatic, and we believe her because her smile proves her words. The Thai beauty loves to read and dreams of one day writing her own romantic novel. She is also a fan of photography, especially of nature and animals. She is looking for someone with serious intentions, who will also be calm, decisive and reliable.


Another one on today's under 25 years old list is medinice student, Krittika, from Thailand.
21-year-old Krittika is a social butterfly who wants to meet a man with a kind heart and a loving soul.

Reaching the end of our list, we find another Thai girl. Krittika, a medicine student who wants to become a dentist, describes herself as a kind, humorous and sociable person. In her free time, she reads a lot of books and likes going to the cinema and to exhibitions. The stunning girl may be just 21 years old, but she says she is serious in her quest for “a true partner and soulmate”. He needs to be family-oriented, optimistic and loving.

Sadly, that’s it for our Top 5  of Asian sweethearts. Stay tuned for our new Top 5 next week. Till then, you can browse our previous Top 5s, visit AsianDate for more profiles, or check out our pics on Instagram and Pinterest.