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Want To Meet Someone New Online? Here’s What You Must Care About

More and more people are becoming increasingly aware of our environment. Naturally, campaigns and movements are popping all over the world for environmental consciousness and conservation. With all these people exchanging ideas online and even converging, what are the chances that you will meet someone new when you jump on the bandwagon?

Meet Someone New Through Environmental Campaigns

A dating site did a study on more than 5,100 of their members. According to the data they have gathered, a majority of the singles think that caring about the environment is extremely important. They are conscious even in little things, such as turning off lights, car-pooling, picking up litter, and recycling.

What this study says is that you may need to start caring about the environment if you want to increase your chances of getting a date. Here are some more insights that will help you meet someone new as you care for the environment:

  1. Big majority. A whopping 78% of the singles studied wanted to date someone who cares about the environment. Meanwhile, 33% say that it’s very important. Another interesting fact is that 85% of the female respondents value the environment and so they also want to date guys who share the same passion.
  2. Caring about the environment actually makes you more attractive. 58% of the singles say that caring about the environment is a very attractive quality in a date. And, 65% of women think that men who are environmentally conscious are such a major turn on.
  3. Littering is a major deal-breaker. There are certain practices in our everyday lives that hurt the environment. One such action is littering. It does not only adversely affect our environment, but it will also have a negative impact on your dating score. Among the environmental pet-peeves, 81% of singles think that littering is annoying and 74% say it’s a deal-breaker.
  4. But, picking up litter is a major attraction factor. 59% of online daters disclose that they find picking up litter sexy.

If you are already actively working for the betterment of our world, find time to build an online dating profile. If you are not eco-friendly yet, then you better start learning and be pro-active. Definitely, there will be some trash picking movements in your area, so you better join the fun. You do not only help the environment, you might also get to meet someone new. For more tips, read more posts on our blog.