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Meet These Beautiful Degree Holders If You Want To Be Impressed

Do you know what Asian ladies value the most except for love and family? It is education. When you visit different Asian countries, you will see that there’s a huge importance placed on studying well, getting good grades, and, eventually, landing a nice job. Basically, most Asians believe that having a good education can open up a lot of doors for a person. Just ask these beautiful degree holders.

These Beautiful Degree Holders Are The Cream Of The Crop

The ladies on this week’s list aren’t only degree holders. It seems like they are all living the high life. All that’s missing is a person that they can share their lives and have intellectual discussions with:


Ling36 - Asian Date Lady

Ling isn’t just educated. She’s also a lover of classical music and of dancing. She has been a ballerina since she was three years old. Fast-forward to today, she is now teaching her own class in a studio with huge mirrors. She imagines the person she’s dating to hug her from behind after her class.


Yuxin39 - Asian Date Lady

Can you believe that most Chinese men think that Yuxin is too plump? So she says. She loves her body, but she has decided to date foreign men because many of the men in her city did not find her attractive. Because she is an architectural designer, she’s all set aside, of course, from her love department.


Yan34 - Asian Date Lady

Yan describes herself as a good friend. She says that she is happy all the time, and tries to sport a smile every time she meets her friends and family. According to her, smiling can be a good way to infect others with your happiness. Do you agree with her?


Merry36 - Asian Date Lady

Faithful by nature, honest, tender, and with a strong character. Merry says that she would like to have a family in the near future with a man who can appreciate her for who she is and how she is. She promises to be loyal to this person until the end of time.


Claire36 - Asian Date Lady

Claire is such a gogetter – determined, enthusiastic, and serious about her job. Of course, she’s also serious about finding love online, which is why she signed up for Asian Date. She wants to find a man she can enjoy her life with.

These ladies are really looking forward to meeting someone who is not intimidated by the success of an independent woman. If you would like to get to know a lady more, just click on her name to visit her dating profile. You can also send her a message in the same way. For more lists similar to this, read other posts on the blog.