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Meet These Artists Who Will Make You Live A Life Of Passion

A life of passion is sometimes hard to attain. You can take several different paths to create more passion in your life. But, among all the pathways you can take, perhaps, one of the easiest routes that lead to the passion you seek is through dating. More specifically, dating an artist.

Artsy Ladies Who Want To Live A Life Of Passion

So, where and how can you meet artists to date? You can do so by visiting AsianDate, of course. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful artists in our database:


YanYan | Asian Date Lady

YanYan is actually a business owner. She may not be working as an artist, but she does paint during her free time. She loves to paint at the beach, just before the sun sets. She absolutely loves the colors and tries to translate it into her canvas.


YuanYuan | Asian Date Lady

If there’s one word to describe YuanYuan, it’s deep. She says that she doesn’t talk much, sometimes, because she’s always inside her head. She conceptualizes what to paint next when she’s zoning out. It’s her personal creative process.


Si | Asian Date LadySi’s English name is Ada. Ada is the kind of artist that dabbles more on photographs. She loves to be photographed, but, most of the time, prefers to take pictures herself to capture the beauty she sees through her lens.


Xia | Asian Date Lady

Xia tells us that she grew up in a farm. This is the main reason why she loves to capture landscapes and animals. She says that she became an artist to capture the beauty of the world and that’s how she lives her life of passion.


Lei | Asian Date Lady

Lei is more of a recording artist than an artist who does paintings or photographs. Nonetheless, her life is still a passionate one because she pursues her singing with so much vigor.

Can you imagine what it would be like to date any one of the artists on our list? Remember that you can find out more about them by clicking on their name and reading their dating profile. For more lists, do visit our blog here.