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Male Insecurities That Ruin Romantic Relationships

During the early stages of dating, when a strong, independent, and beautiful woman sees that your male insecurities are showing, it’s going to be a big turn off. You might be tempted to show your “true colors”, but your insecurities do not make up the real you.

Don’t Let You Male Insecurities Get In The Way Of Love

It’s always a milestone to reach a point in a relationship where the two people involved can show vulnerability. However, when most of your vulnerable points are showing all the once, you might need to rethink the level of comfort you feel. For your male insecurities, for example, you should never show the extremes of the following:

“I am not good enough.”

If you always feel this way or if your inner voice is telling you this on the daily, the tendency is for you to control your relationship. You want to be good enough but you don’t feel like you are. So, to achieve the fulfillment you desire, you have to limit your partner’s freedom so you feel more in control.

“I always want to be with her.”

Spending time with your significant other is such a wonderful longing to have, but be realistic. You cannot be with your partner twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You are coming off as needy and clingy. In other words, dependent.

“I am breaking up with you.”

If you often say that you’re going to leave your partner after a slight argument, then you’re showing just how immature you really are. Because you got hurt, you would rather walk away from the relationship. In most cases, men who say this don’t really mean it. They just do it because they want to hurt their lady back. This isn’t a healthy way to deal with conflict at all.

We all have insecurities. Not just male insecurities because you lady has some too. It’s just a matter of keeping them at bay and focusing on improving one’s self to become a good person and partner. For more tips on self and relationship improvement, read other dating posts on the blog.