Can you be enough for everyone?

Make Peace With The Fact You’ll Never Be Enough

There’s a word out there, a simple word we use quite frequently, whose insidiousness lies in its vagueness. What does it mean to be “enough”? In our competitive and ever-changing world, can anyone ever be enough?

Why You’ll Never Be Enough

The simple answer to why you will never be enough is that the things you have to be good enough at change all the time. And they are so subjective and undefined; one can never measure up to them. It’s like trying to score a goal in a football field with moving goalposts. The minute you reach them, they move somewhere else.

For your parents, perhaps you’re not attentive enough, for your boss you are probably not hard-working enough, for your friends you may not be present enough and for your lover you may not be romantic enough, beautiful enough, clever enough – the list goes on.

So What If You’ll Never Be Enough?

The trouble with not being enough starts with the fact we measure ourselves and base our own self-esteem on the way others see us. People are not the same, though. A lover may like your madness while another might ask you to tone it down; some might appreciate your total honesty while others may be offended by it.

There’s one thing to realize that will set you free from the struggles to prove your worth to others: you can’t be liked by everyone. Do you even want to? Why should you even care?

When you accept the fact that even the concept of perfection is a subjective notion – who’s to say what is perfect anyway? – you will feel heave a massive sigh of relief.

Accept who you are: a big bundle of experiences, mistakes, feelings, failed relationships, wins and defeats, sins and good deeds, and a whole lot of love to offer and find people who will recognize and embrace the real you.

Your true, genuine, self is all you can be.

And that is more than enough.