These Asian babes look pretty in pink.

Don’t You Just Love How Pretty In Pink These Asian Beauties Look?

Can you think of a color that’s more sweet and girly than pink? Some girls seem born to dress in this soft, feminine color that is pleasant to the eyes and calming for the soul. These Asian dolls look as pretty in pink as one can be.

Today’s Asian Top 5 Girls Are Pretty In Pink And Sweet Like Candy

If you love the softness and calming effect of pink, you will enjoy looking at today’s list of girls who look as light and delicious as cotton candy.


Lishi is the first girl on our pretty in pink list today
Beautiful Lishi is ready to start a family when she meets the right guy.

We’re starting off our list with sweet Lishi. The 21-year-old model from Nanchang in China says she has two sides: a more serious and dignified one when she’s out with people and a naughtier one when she’s at home with her significant other. Lishi says she has all the material possessions she needs but is eager to find the man with whom she can spend her life and make a family. If you are gentle, brave and passionate, you are in with a chance to charm this Chinese beauty.


Sweet Tong is the second girl in the pretty in pink list.
Tong is tired of traveling alone. Will you accompany her on her next trip?

The second entry on our super-sweet list today is Tong. Tong is a girl who describes herself as passionate and positive and someone who always travels alone. But now, she says she is ready to find the man who will be special enough to send the clouds away and believe in her. The 22-year-old jeweler’s goal is to live a happy life with her husband and surround her future children with her love.


Juan is the third entry is the list of girls who look pretty in pink.
Juan says she never gives up until she gets what she wants.

Already mid-list and we meet a sweet 24-year-old girl from China. Juan works as a nurse and, in her free time, she loves to take photographs, watch movies and play sports. She is a persistent person who doesn’t give up until she accomplishes what she’s after, but she also says she is cute and outgoing at the same time. Her ideal man would be a romantic, loyal and responsible person.


Mia Holly is the fourth entry on the pretty in pink list of Asian girls.
Mia Holly from Manila says she is passionate, loyal, friendly, and a little naughty too.

Mia Holly is the fourth girl on this list. The bubbly brunette from Manila describes herself as “cheerful, honest, friendly, loyal, romantic, passionate and a little naughty in bed”. The 32-year-old beauty is an internal audit director who has her own company and would like her man to also be her investment partner. Mia Holly is a very open and sincere lady, who hates lies and rude people. Her type of man is someone who is a happy, sincere, interesting and loyal soulmate.


Slender Jiaqi is the last girl on the pretty in pink list.
Slender Jiaqi is so cool she says she hardly ever loses her temper.

Can you believe this is the last spot already? It’s not over yet though, as 23-year-old Jiaqi is our last pretty-in-pink girl today. The slender beauty from China is a private owner who loves reading, yoga, dancing, cooking, watching romantic films and visiting museums. For Jiaqi, who describes herself as someone who rarely loses her temper, the ideal partner needs to be kind, responsible, good-hearted and funny.

We really hope you liked our list of girls who look pretty in pink. If you want to know more about some (or all) of the girls, just click on their name. For previous fun lists of Asian ladies, click here.