Like A Forbidden Fruit: Mystical Indian Girls Of AsianDate

The mystical land of India is home to some of the most ravishing women in the world. Indian girls are the amazing combination of exotic beauty and an enchanting personality – all of them potential Bollywood protagonists.

What Makes These Indian Girls So Ravishing?

Coming from a land with a long history and culture, they know how to be attractive and feminine in the most subtle ways. Their dark, piercing eyes and long, glossy hair give them an exotic beauty that is effortlessly captivating. Let’s meet them.


The first on the list of Indian girls, Monisha is a fan of rock music and cartoons.
Gorgeous Monisha is a confident and compassionate woman.

The first girl on our Indian girls list is 23-year-old office manager Monisha. The raven hair girl is confident, funny, a good listener and highly compassionate. In her free time, she enjoys listening to rock music, watching cartoons on 3D, and working out. The ideal man for Monisha should be a lot like her in character; active, confident, compassionate and having a good sense of humor.


Beautiful Ria is dedicated to her profession, despite her love for dancing and acting.
24-year-old dentist, Ria, has rejected many offers to become a Bollywood star.

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? We bet you wouldn’t be if Ria were your dentist. The gorgeous 24-year-old beauty from Mumbai loves the Western culture and dreams of seeing the Eiffel Tower one day. She also loves dancing and acting, but can’t accept Bollywood offers because of her dedication to dentistry. Her ideal relationship will be based on true love and mutual respect.


In the middle of the Indian girls list, Divya is a gorgeous cosmetologist.
Intense Divya finds beauty in everything around her.

Already in the middle of our list, and this is where we find Divya. Divya is the second doctor on today’s list- this time a cosmetologist. The breath-taking 23-year-old is quite traditional in her views but demands respect and tenderness from her relationships. She has traveled a lot and doesn’t mind if her other half is far away, as she believes that if they are meant to be, they will find each other.


Prerry Sneha is fun and compassionate.
Beautiful Sneha is funny, compassionate and affectionate.

Fresh-faced Sneha is the penultimate beauty on our list of Indian girls today. Sneha describes herself as “kind intelligent, sensitive, friendly, and humorous”. The 21-year-old college student loves going for walks, talking with friends, and listening to soft music when she’s in bed. Her kind of man is someone who’ll be affectionate, respectful, and willing to share both the good and the bad times with her.


The last girl on the Indian girls list values someone who's a good listener.
The girl with the radiant smile believes in communication in a relationship.

On the last spot of this list, we meet sweet Pooja R Reddy. The 27-year-old executive assistant with the captivating smile loves being fashionable. She enjoys looking at the stars and pondering about love and life. She also likes to narrate stories and watch romantic films. Her ideal man would be someone who is a good listener, as she thinks communication is the key to a good, trustful relationship.

Well, this is the end of our Indian girls list. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed compiling it. If you want to know more about them, click on their profile pics.