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Let Her Take Care Of You, Date One Of The Pretty Nurses

If you are tired of selfish girls who think only of themselves and show no compassion for others, you’ve come to the right place. Because this week we introduce you to some of Asian Date’s pretty nurses.

Pretty Nurses Are The Girls Everybody Would Want In Their Life

The thing that all of these women have in common is their profession which, stereotypical or not, suggests that they decided to dedicate their lives to helping others. And if they are ready to help a complete stranger, how do you think they are going to treat a love of their life?

It’s time you find that out, and you can start by clicking on their name and talking to them. Here are this weeks’ top 5.


AsianDate Nurse Jingyi

Jignyi is very active, sunny and independent girl. She is thoughtful, feminine and faithful, open, frank, straight to the point, caring, loving, passionate, responsible and hard working. Doesn’t that sound too god to be true? Well, if you don’t believe, the best way to solve that mystery is to click on her name and check for yourself.


AsianDate Nurses Yan

Yan is 20 years old, but already very specific when searching for the man of her life. She wants him to be caring, humble, gentle, honest, love his family, know what he wants (just like her), and isn’t afraid to work hard for his making his dreams a reality. It goes without saying that he should respect her. Is that you?


Yuting AsianDate Nurse

If you are looking for someone with who you will never be bored, you’ve found her. Her name is Yuting, she is 22 years old and lives in China. She is a very cheerful person, who has no problem making connections with new people and enjoys helping others more than anything. Also, if you like cuddling, you will be on the top of her list right away.


DongFang AsianDate Nurse

Dongfang is a kind-hearted, optimistic girl who always helps people in need, and loves kids and animals. It’s pretty relevant information that she wouldn’t have a problem relocating from China in case she falls in love because she thinks love is the most important thing in life worth all the sacrifice.


Yuyue nurse AsianDate

Yuyue is a typical nice girl, good old softie. She is open-minded, sweet and caring and would really like to talk to you since she thinks communication is easier when you can hear someone’s voice. She cherishes Chinese traditional values and is convinced she could win you over, you just have to let her.

Are you ready to be pampered by these ladies? Choose between these nurses and you will finally be able to say you’ve found the love of your life.