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Lessons In Love You Can Learn From Polyamorous Relationships

When it comes to love, we can never stop learning. The whole idea of love is alive and growing, so we need to nurture and feed it, whether it is love for ourselves or others. You can never go wrong with all the lessons in love that you can learn.

Lessons In Love Can Come From Unexpected Places

Lessons in love can come from anywhere, even relationship types that are not really the norm. With polyamorous relationships, for example, they are still a minority and mostly shunned upon by conventional society. But, we can learn a lot of lessons in love that we can apply when we are dating online and offline:

Defining The Relationship

Polyamorous relationships can take different forms. There is no mold for their setups. However, they are very good at defining the boundaries of their relationships. They form agreements and respect them. Even if you are in a monogamous relationship, this could also work for you. It is important to set boundaries in maintaining our self-respect.

A Focus On Communication

Because a polyamorous relationship involves more than two people, it is going to need a lot of openness. Polyamorous couples are usually pretty good at communicating what they want and need to avoid miscommunication. Although it sounds cliche, communication should be given more importance in heterosexual relationships.

Managing Jealousy

Polyamorous partners already know about their setups. They are aware that they have multiple partners, so they have set rules. Because of that, jealousy is managed. Some partners in a monogamous relationship can be very possessive, not wanting to share their partners even with friends of the opposite sex.

Maintaining A Sense Of Independence

It seems that polyamorous couples are prone to allow their partners to shine independently in their endeavors. This openness allows the relationships to become deeper. Plus both partners feel valued because of the support that they get from loved ones.

Polyamorous relationships are not for everyone, but they have worked for some people. You may not want to be like them, but surely, we can learn from the lessons in love that have become their way of life. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.