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These Ladies Are Sleepyheads, They Can’t Seem To Get Out Of Bed

There are charming ladies who can’t seem to get enough sleep. Do you know the type? Whether they are tired or not, they can’t seem to get out of bed. They are, what we call, sleepyheads. Could it be that their bed is so comfortable that they don’t want to leave it?

These Asian Date Sleepyheads Are Happiest When They Are In Their Beds

There are just ladies who seem to be magnetized by the comfort and security of their own beds. They even included photos of themselves on their beds on their profile. Let’s meet them and see what their personalities are like:


Yijing20 - Asian Date Lady

When Yijing finds her special someone, she will shower him with all the love and affection that he can handle. However, the man of her dreams has to reciprocate so that the relationship is harmonious. You need to be as loving as Yijing is.


Mango21 - Asian Date Lady

Not only does Mango have an interesting name, but she also has an interesting idea of what an ideal woman should be. She says that the perfect girls need to know how to cook, behave in society, and give her man the love that he needs. Do you agree?


Jing23 - Asian Date Lady

Jing says that there’s nothing special about her interests. She loves to cook, she loves pets, and she, definitely, loves to travel. She is a bit reserved, so maybe it is up to you to find that something special in her.


Yaxuan43 - Asian Date Lady

Yaxuan would like to meet someone who can stay home with her. She loves the outdoors, but most of the time, she spends her time indoors. What she does is watch movies, cook, read books, and, of course, sleep.


Wen24 - Asian Date Lady

Lastly, we have Wen. She has traveled the world because of her job. She is currently working as a flight attendant. She’s tired from her trips most of the time, but she is still thankful because she can live her life to the fullest and see new places.

The best place to find these ladies would be under their sheets. Of course, you can also click on their names and visit their dating profiles on Asian Date. For more lists and reviews, make sure you visit the rest of the blog.