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These Ladies Included A Lot Of Exciting Firsts On Their Bucketlist

Everyone probably has a bucketlist that contains different must-try and exciting firsts in life and love. The ladies on this week’s list are no exception. They have vowed to cross out a few items on their list to make their life more exciting and meaningful.

Ask These Ladies What Their Exciting Firsts Are

There are so many experiences in the world that we can barely fit everything into one list. These ladies, however, are smart. They put the most do-able tasks on their list for this year. If you’re curious about what exciting firsts these ladies must do, then ask them yourself:


Eve25 - Asian Date Lady

Eve has always been creative. She says that she has always expressed her creativity through her writing, but never through painting. What she wants to do is paint a portrait of something. Well, she has to learn how to paint first, so these are two exciting firsts she plans to cross off her bucketlist.


Chang21 - Asian Date Lady

Chang has had one, too many dramatic relationships in her lifetime. This time around, she promises herself to date someone who is laid-back, not so serious about any situation, and someone who is fun with less drama. Do you fit the description?


Mimi37 - Asian Date Lady

Mimi admits that she was really uptight a few years back. She slowly changed her personality and became more out-going. Currently, what she aims to do is enter into a relationship with her new self. She wants to be the cool girl that everyone loves.


Nan22 - Asian Date Lady

Nan was the kind of person that was too shy to approach men. She didn’t want to because she feared that she might be rejected. Over the years, she built her confidence. Now, one of the exciting firsts on her list is to send messages first, not waiting for men to do it.


Shuang28 - Asian Date Lady

Shuang loves to try different things, so she admits that she had a bit of a trouble narrowing down what she wanted on her list. After much deliberation, she promises to travel countries she has never been before. She has the case of the wanderlust.

Which of the ladies’ exciting firsts caught your attention the most? Remember that you can get to know these ladies and ask more questions about their list by clicking on their names and visiting their dating profile. For more reviews, and tips, read other posts on the blog.