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These Ladies Don’t Look Like Asian Investigators

In your dating life, have you ever met Asian investigators before? Probably not. They’re a rare kind, but you might imagine them to wear trench coats all the time. We probably get this idea from the Asian investigators we see on TV. The truth is, they never appear as they do in our minds.

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To prove this point, here are five Asian Date ladies who you would have never thought to be Asian investigators. These ladies describe themselves and what they do exactly in their line of work:


Wenxi20 - Asian Date Lady

Wenxi says that sometimes feels in danger when she is doing her job. It’s probably just her nerves, but what she would like in a man is bravery. She wants to feel safe whenever she’s with the person she loves.


Qingqing25 - Asian Date Lady

Qingqing has had a challenging life. She admits that her dad was a business man before, but he went bankrupt. She had to be the one who worked hard to get her dad out of debt. Today, she’s really proud about what she has accomplished.


Ruoyao27 - Asian Date Lady

Rouyao is an outgoing person. She loves to be outdoors. Career-wise, the main reason why she became an investigator was to help people. She has always been known to help those who are in need. To her its an admirable trait that she’s glad to have.


Shasha33 - Asian Date Lady

Shasha says that there are a lot of men who are intimidated by her current job as an investigator. However, she is still hopeful, that her career won’t be a hindrance for her to find love. She likes what she does and she is not about to give it up. According to her, if she finds the right person, she won’t have to.


Yuexin44 - Asian Date Lady

Yuexin is an investigator, but she’s a different kind. She doesn’t work directly with the authorities, but what she does is find and confirm information by finding details and traces on the internet. She’s always online for her work so she might as well try online dating.

What do you think of the female Asian investigators in the list above? Remember that you can meet and contact these ladies through their profiles. To access it, you must click on their name. For more lists, tips, and reviews, read other posts on the blog.