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Need to Know Basics Before Dating Asian Women

As you may have already known, Asian women are very different from the kind of women you’ve met before. If you want to date one seriously or if you want to explore the Dating Asian women scene a bit, you may need to know what the basic concepts that revolve around how Asian women date and how they view dating and relationships.

Shy & Coy

If you’re going to start dating Asian women, you shouldn’t be surprised if they won’t talk much during the first date. That is true if you date them offline. Online, however, is a different thing. They may not be too shy online, but they will still expect you to make the first move. Being shy and coy is a given with Asian women. They need a bit of warm up before you can see their true personality and behavior. So, now that you know, you have to be patient about trying to help an Asian woman come out of her shell.

Educational Attainments

If there’s one thing Asians are known for, it is that they place a huge importance on education. This is the main reason why most Asian ladies don’t get into relationships until they are about 27 or 30. School comes first, and their parents expect them to do well on top of that. If an Asian woman drops out from school, it is viewed as a major failure in the family and, so, don’t be surprised if she does school activities before dates. It will also be likely that Asian women will be attracted to someone who has done well in school or has a higher degree.

Financial Security

Hold up. So let’s be clear about this. What’s true is that Asian women view financial security as an integral part of a solid relationship. Their view of financial security, however, does not equal to being a gold-digger or scammer. That’s what most people do not understand. Gold-digging and scamming foreign men out of their money is different from being smart with how you spend money, which is a good trait that most Asian women pose.

Topics that are OK and Open

To you, there may be topics that are not OK to talk about openly. These may include your salary, age, religious affiliation and health. To Asians, the topics mentioned are normal topics. It’s important for you to remember this when in a conversation while dating Asian women to avoid being put off or offended. It’s merely a cultural thing, and it is nothing personal.

Not Everyone Will Speak English Well

In Asia, the Philippines is a good example of a country with people that can speak English well. The rest of the Asian countries, however, are hits or misses. Just be ready for some translating or some reading between the lines. If the Asian lady you’re talking to knows how to speak English well, it most likely means that she is well educated.

Dating Asian Women Means Accepting All of This

Accepting their different views is a part of dating Asian women. The cultural differences might need a bit of time to get used to but when you do, but when you do, you’ll find lifelong partners in most Asian women you meet.