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Their Kitchen Skills Are Their Best Asset

Do you want to date a woman who knows how to cook the best meals? Probably every man does. However, in today’s generation, there are a lot of women who rely on restaurants to make food for them. In Asia, though, it is totally different because many young women take pride in picking up kitchen skills from their mothers.

Enhanced Kitchen Skills Are Still A Priority

When it comes to cooking, a lot of Asian ladies still think that it is important for a woman to know her way around the kitchen. Although the idea may be a bit traditional, kitchen skills are viewed, not just as a skill that can capture a man’s heart but, as one of the most important life skills a woman can have. Let’s meet these ladies who can capture your heart with their cooking:


a er ken bie ke20 - Asian Date Lady

Aerkenbieke is an interesting character. She is very open about what she wants. It’s because of the culture she grew up in, she says. Most may view Asians as traditional, but she is an exemption. She loves to ride, cook bbq on the weekends, and just be wild and free.


Aimee23 - Asian Date Lady

Aimee says that she usually gets mistaken for a model. Actually, she isn’t. She is a Chinese jeweler who has made cooking her passion. She tries different dishes whenever she has free time and is looking forward to cooking some for the man she fancies.


Ye22 - Asian Date Lady

Ye actually doesn’t have to cook. She has a lot of helpers in her house that can do the cooking for her. Despite this, she still chooses to make her own meals because they are healthier. She knows the exact ingredients that go into each dish and she prefers it this way.


HengXing22 - Asian Date Lady

According to HengXing, the best trait a couple can have is working together. One should not be intimidated by the other. She comes from a well-off family, and, in most cases, this is the problem she has. Men don’t want to continue dating her because they are threatened by her and her family’s success. Do you think that’s fair?


Chen22 - Asian Date Lady - Kitchen Skills

Aside from cooking fragrant dishes, Chen also loves the smell of perfumes. She owns a company that develops its own perfume, and she already has several branches in China. Perfuming and business are just second to cooking, though, when talking about her passions.

When you say hello to any of the ladies on the list, make sure that you mention the dish you would like her to cook when you meet. Whether it is Asian or Western or any kind of dish, you will surely enjoy yourself when you are in the lady’s company. For more lists similar to this, read other reviews and updates on the blog.