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Do Japanese Women Want To Date Foreign Men?

The rate of Japanese women wanting to date foreign men is growing nowadays, may it be in an offline or online platforms. It seems that most Japanese women’s preferences are geared towards dating someone who is from a totally different race and a totally different culture.

How Do Japanese Women View Foreign Men These Days?

There may be a few obvious reasons behind this, but today we’re going to reveal the top reasons as to why most Japanese women are more attracted to foreign men compared to their male counterparts.

Reason #1: Foreign men are more affectionate.

There’s no hiding the fact that Japanese men can appear cold and distant. The usual scenes in a romantic comedy are less likely to happen in your relationship with a Japanese fellow. It’s not that these men are emotionless, but it has something to do with the Japanese culture and probably their work ethics too. On the other hand, foreign men are more romantic. They wear their heart on their sleeve and they show it with gestures of affection, flowers, early morning text messages, etc.

Reason #2: Foreign men are often more liberal thinkers.

Gender roles in Japan are changing but there’s still that expectation that once a woman has a family, she is supposed to put her career on hold in order to take better care of her husband and children. It’s sad to say, but it is truly evident, especially in work environment, that women must fulfill a certain role in society.

This doesn’t happen when a Japanese girl marries a foreign man. It could go either way but most of the time, because a foreign man’s thinking is very different, pursuing a career, putting having children on hold, being more successful in one’s job, etc. is not viewed as something that’s out of the norm.

Reason #3: Foreign men work less hours.

It’s not to say that Japanese men work 24 hours a day plus overtime. But it is a fact that the Japanese are noted workaholics – this means that they spend long hours in the office and they could be entertaining a client and drinking a few beers after work. This is Japan’s culture and some women do understand this sort of thing. The majority, however, wishes that their husbands could spend more time with them.

With foreign men, the work culture is totally different (of course, this depends if that foreign man lives in Japan or not). It’s more common for a foreign man to find time to spend with his family or with the woman he is dating.

No Wonder

It’s no wonder that Japanese women prefer the company of foreign men. They’ve even taken the initiative to sign up to various dating websites just to try out their luck. If you like Japanese women, then you are in luck! Just make sure that you act like yourself and not like how she expects you to act.

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