Is A Scam?

Is A Scam?

It has been over ten years since was launched. Throughout its existence, it upgraded its systems and grew to be one of the leading international dating websites of today.

Currently, it has around million active users worldwide as well as over a thousand employees and affiliates from all over the globe. Despite its growth, seniority, and achievements, there are still those that question the validity of the site, saying that might be a scam.

Proof Of AsianDate.Com’s Legitimacy

In recent years, there is a constant increase in the number of reports about online dating and romance scams on the internet. Now that meeting people through apps and sites is the new norm, it’s natural for those who have not yet tried these methods to be skeptical. Here are a few reasons why Asian Date is one of the safest online dating platforms out there:

1. AsianDate Anti-Scam Policy aims to provide its members with a safe and enjoyable dating experience. One of the ways to deliver this promise is through the website’s clearly-stated Anti-Scam Policy. It provides tips on how to stay safe while dating online. For example:

  • Never send money to a lady.
  • Avoid misunderstanding by clearly stating your relationship expectations or status.
  • Use the “Call Me” service to check who you are really communicating with.

Aside from the above tips, the Anti-Scam Policy also talks about what is considered a scam. For example, if a lady misrepresents herself and lies about her age, language level, marital status and the like, AsianDate will give you a full reimbursement of the credits that you spent in communicating with the alleged member. After the investigation, the member who was found to have violated the terms of use will be removed from the site. Consider that one of the strongest signs which point to the legitimacy of AsianDate.

2. Asian Date Provides Affordable Packages

If you are new to, you should know that the site provides premium online dating services. Simply, those interested to make an account can do so for FREE, but credits will be required to connect with the ladies. Not to worry, though, because potential members can choose from different credit packages that suit their budget.

So, is a scam because the services have to be paid? Certainly not. By establishing a paywall, AsianDate is able to ensure that only serious online daters sign up. This increases the quality of the profiles that are on the site. By extension, it is more likely for potential members to find who they are looking for. Compare this with unpaid dating sites where everyone and anyone can just sign up easily. Aside from this, paying for a dating service also allows members to have a feeling of safety which you normally do not get from free sites.

3. AsianDate.Com Gives Out Free Credits gives out free credits to those who have opted to subscribe to the site. Even if you go for the lowest credit package, will still give you 10 Free Chats and unlimited Love Notes. Normally, dating sites that aim to scam people don’t give out extra credits to members.

Because it aims for higher customer satisfaction, Asian Date finds ways for members to get the most out of their dating experience. Offering free credits is just one of those ways.

4. AsianDate Documents Successful Matches

With over ten years of experience in the industry, AsianDate recognizes the importance of documenting successful matches they have made. There are plenty of articles and reviews online that feature AsianDate love stories. Some of this content even comes in the form of a video to showcase the real people who have found love through this dating site. Most of the time, the couples featured on Asian Date are happy to step in front of the camera to tell their story.

So, why does Asian Date need to document the successful matches made through the site? We have all heard of dreadful stories about romance scams online. With so many of these stories circulating around the internet, it could cause people to lose their interest in online dating or Asian Date. Through these success stories, others are inspired to pursue the possibility of finding love, not just through AsianDate but, online.

5. AsianDate.Com Strict Profile Verification

On Asian Date Ladies’ profiles, there will be a mark that says “Profile Confirmed”. This means that the lady has already been background checked and interviewed. It is part of Asian Date’s safety measure to ensure that the ladies that sign up are representing themselves correctly.

The process is simple. Ladies request to go on the dating site via application. Next, an interview and background check will take place. Once everything was found to be in order, the lady is scheduled for a photoshoot. Commonly, these photos will be used on her dating profile. Once done, her profile will be marked confirmed and it will be published live on

Is a scam? No, and another proof of that is a fact that it employs a rigorous interview process necessary for Asian Date to deliver on its promise of a quality dating experience and safety for all of its members.

6. AsianDate.Com’s Safety Team Is Hard At Work

Lastly, has a safety team behind the scenes who monitors the activities on the website every day. The safety personnel checks messages to ensure that personal information such as bank accounts are not communicated. They’re also responsible for making sure that suspicious activity is spotted and dealt with.

By implementing several security measures, Asian Date protects those who have put their trust on the website. Members are granted peace of mind every time they go to the site to browse through profiles. They can chat or use others features freely without having to worry about phishing or other forms of scamming that gather one’s private information.

Remain Safe As You Date Online With Asian Date

Asian Date is a place where you can meet people safely and conveniently. The company has employed plenty of safety measures behind the scenes to keep its members safe and happy. To provide you with further information, we bring you common FAQs on some of the site’s policies:

Why am I not allowed to exchange contact information with other members?

You can actually exchange contact information provided that you do it over the phone through the “Call Me” service. This feature allows you to schedule a phone call with the member you’re interested in. This way, your contact details won’t have an online trail.

Is a scam because it limits only the communication of members within its website? Definitely no; it is ideal for the correspondence between members to remain within because it is done under a controlled and monitored environment. The company won’t be able to extend their security measures outside of the website.

Why are there so many profiles of ladies?

Remember that the online dating platform has been around for more than ten years. Approximately, it has been operating for about 21 years. With this long of a time in the industry, it’s logical to amass a good number of members who set-up profiles.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. This is thanks to Asian Date’s upgraded security system and the AsianDate Safety Team. You don’t have to worry about your account or credit card details leaking.

What if I spot something suspicious?

Asian Date highly recommends that you report anything suspicious that you see on the site. Even if it’s just a gut feeling, it is better if your report a profile that you think is fake. As soon as your complaint is filed, the safety team will investigate the matter. You can file a complaint on this page.

Why do I have to pay for the dating services I use?

As mentioned, Asian Date is a premium dating site that promises to give its members an excellent online dating experience without having to worry about safety. In order for the website to operate and continue providing these services, a paid subscription is in order.

Also, with so many free sites out there, it’s important for Asian Date to maintain its quality. There are so many people today wanting to meet people online for quick hook-ups. By placing a minimal fee on the site, those who are not serious about meeting someone for a serious relationship are weeded out.

In Conclusion

So, is a scam? There are many proofs that point to a big strong NO. The site itself puts a lot of work and effort into fighting scammers, which is something you can’t say about free dating sites. They are basically a modern jungle, and a pretty wild one.

On AsianDate, you can rely on customer service. You can protect yourself through a number of features which enable you to check the identity of the person you are chatting with and you can finally feel like you are in a secure environment where people are mostly oriented to finding a long term partner. Because, let’s be real, with all the free sites full of people looking for one night stands, who’s going to pay for dating online service and then not be serious about finding someone?

Let that thought be your guidance when you search for an online dating site that will suit your needs. For more information and detailed descriptions of the services of AsianDate, make sure to visit the site.