The Truth Behind a Dating Site Review

An honest review of top Asian dating portal

asiandate is an online dating website that focuses on men who are interested in dating women from countries like China, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam. This AsianDate review explains everything you need to know about how to use their services effectively and how to succeed in finding love online.

Company History was founded in 1993 and the company caters to individuals who want to meet a friend or a potential life partner from the beautiful and exotic continent of Asia. It is one of the first agencies of this type and with 21 years’ experience of service, the company has already helped thousands of international singles find their one and only.

Until now, the company has developed an impressive network with over 1,000,000 members worldwide, and millions of online visitors per year. Although the company started as a family business, today it employs more than 300 people in offices located all over the world.

Asian Date has become very popular over the recent years and is highly regarded in the world of international online dating because of its excellent customer service and support, and, on top of that, their uncompromising anti-scam policy. Member satisfaction is very important for the portal so factors like safety, innovation and good customer care are a number one priority.


Getting signed up with AsianDate is very straightforward and easy. Clients just have to fill out all the fields for the sign-up form and give brief information about themselves in order to start looking for their match. Registering and browsing the database of single ladies from China, Vietnam and other countries is free of charge. However, tools like Camshare, Live Chat or DateMe are paid services and purchasing of credits is necessary. The list of fees is available on the website.

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The portal covers most of the tools needed for someone to have a wonderful experience when dating online. This review covers the following services:

Email Correspondence – This option allows you to send emails to a person on the website. All you have to do is click on the envelope icon seen on a person’s profile and you can begin sending emails back and forth. This option is like a more modern approach to writing, it’s romantic but much faster than snail mail.

Call Me – When you’re tired of sending emails back and forth or if you’re not someone who’s fond of writing, you can opt for the “Call Me” option which allows you to do voice chats. You would need to reserve a time slot 24-hours before the call to ensure the availability of your online friend and the translator.

CamShare – Asian Date has made it even easier for you to connect with the Asian beauty that you’re interested in. On the ladies’ profiles, you’ll see a button that says CamShare. When you click on that, the program will connect you with the person you want to chat with using your video camera. Using this service is a great way to verify your love interest’s identity.

Live Chat – You can use this option in 3 different ways: Live Chat, Video Chat or Live Games. Live Chat lets you chat with people who are currently online. Live Video basically does the same thing while completing the whole sensory experience as you’ll be able to see, hear, chat and speak with the lady who you invited. Live games, on the other hand, allow you to play a variety of games available with the person that you like on the website.

Other than virtual services, Asian Date also allows its members to meet the people that they encounter online. One of the most famous services the company offers are probably Romance Tours which have been very popular for more than 20 years. These tours are a great opportunity for people all over the world to meet through different social events. These tours are organized by the company to China and the Philippines, and many beautiful women from surrounding areas attend these events in order to find their soul mates.

Asian Date also offers a service called “Date Me” which allows you to travel to Asia and have a romantic face-to-face date with your chosen lady. If you have exchanged a minimum of five letters with someone, you are eligible to use this service. Regular communication is necessary to ensure that there’s already a connection between you two. All arrangements are made by AsianDate, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Is AsianDate a Scam or a Legitimate Dating Service?

With thousands of gorgeous Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Philippines women to choose from on, it’s not really a surprise that this dating service is one of the largest and most popular ones in Asia.

There is a lot of controversy over whether AsianDate is a scam, as some of the previous customers (and competitors) have claimed it to be. Not to worry though, members can put their trust in this Asian dating service because the company has invested heavily in developing a strict anti-scam policy designed to protect all members from online dating scams.

The foolproof anti-scam measures have been developed by a skilled and experienced technical team and the system tracks and monitors all activity on the site. Any suspicious activity is reported to the anti-scam team who will then conduct a thorough research to identify the source of a potential scam. The company also offers tips on how to recognize potential scammers and gives tips on how to stay safe online.

What could make a lot of dating enthusiasts think that AsianDate is a scam website is the relatively high cost of using their services. Sending and reading the first letter is free, however, any additional actions require purchasing of credits which start from $3.90. It’s important to remember, that is not just another dating website, the services they offer are one of a kind and merely the cost of those services does not make them a scam.

There are thousands of positive testimonials of couples who claim to have found true love with the help of AsianDate’s high quality dating services and many of them would recommend it to their friends too.

We hope this AsianDate review was useful in helping you determine whether signing up with this Asian dating portal is right for you. Good luck in finding love online!

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