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Do You Have Inbox-Zero Obsession?

In the age of 24/7 connectivity, we have become so attached to our online devices. We often check our emails, our chat messages, and our direct messages from different online accounts. This is known as inbox-zero obsession. Do you think you have it?

Having Inbox-Zero Obsession Takes Up a Good Chunk Of Your Time

The phenomenon is called Inbox-Zero Obsession. We are adamant in replying, delegating, and reading all the pending emails we have. As soon as we can reach a state where there are zero emails to be responded to, we become satisfied.

In a recent annual consumer email report, the results showed that there’s an enduring obsession with checking online messages in the millennials age group. Employees in that age group (between ages 25 and 34) spend about 6.4 hours a day checking their emails.

Let’s say we spend 8 hours sleeping. Then, we take 5 hours of our day to take care of ourselves. That’s already 13 hours. If we spend 6.4 hours checking our emails, then that just leaves us with about 6 more hours to do work and do other things.

Take Back Control Of Your Life

There’s only one clear symptom of inbox-zero obsession. If you wake up every day and the first thing you do is check your inbox, you may not have it. However, if you think that you unconsciously┬ácheck your email throughout the day and you can’t seem to finish any of your tasks, there’s a possibility.

Now, you have to take your life back. You have to gain control over your time so you can do other things – clean the house, start online dating, or even meet with friends.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Don’t check your email as soon as you wake up. Take care of yourself first.
  • Designate a time in the day to check your emails. If it’s just an hour, then stick to it.
  • Give up the inbox-zero obsession. You may have 20,000 emails in your inbox right now. If you process only 10, then be at peace with that number.

We can do so much more in a day when we designate our time appropriately. Spending around 6 hours just checking messages is ridiculous. It’s time to change your ways so you can focus on other things that can make you happy. For more online tips and dating updates, read other posts on the blog.