3 Negative Ideas Filipinos Have About Filipinas Dating Foreigners

filipinas dating foriegnersHere’s the thing: if you’re wondering why your Filipina girlfriend is sending you signals that she’s not ready to go public about online dating you, the foreigner, there’s something you should know:

With interracial relationships, there will always be people who will doubt the sincerity and validity of both parties’ motives – you’re not the only one who’s getting the negative looks or the raised eyebrows whenever you tell people that you’re in a relationship with an Asian woman you met on the internet. Let’s go back to your Filipina girlfriend because she’s getting the same, or even more, amount of negativism than you and you need to see things from her stand point.

The following are observations most Filipinos have about Filipinas dating foreigners:

1. Filipinas dating foreigners are financially needy.

The Philippines still has a bit of traditionalism left and even if dating and marrying foreigners are pretty common in the country, most people still have common negative assumptions about Filipina-foreigner relationships. This is one of them that, basically, says that the only reason Filipinas date foreigners is because of the money.

Is it true? NO, it’s just a misconception. There are scammers out there but not all Filipinas are after money. In fact, when their foreigner boyfriends come to visit, there will be occasions where the Filipina spends (and she’s happy to do it).

2. Filipinas dating foreigners want to go to other countries.

Aside from money, Filipinos think that Filipinas dating foreigners want to escape the Philippines and migrate to another country. Is this true? ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you’ve ever been to the country? The Philippines is a great place to live in – tropical beaches, lots of natural resources, cheaper cost of living compared to other countries.

3. Filipinas dating foreigners are from the lower class of society.

You may feel that this list is getting meaner and meaner by the number but it’s true that there are Filipinos who think negatively of their own because of interracial relationships. It’s also true that most Pinoys think that women who date foreigners are from the lower class of society. Is this true? No. If there’s one thing to remember about the Philippines it is this: books shouldn’t be judged according to their covers. Most Filipinos are very critical of appearance so as soon as they see simple looking women with foreigners, they assume lots of things.

The Point and The Truth

Know that these ideas were taken from a Filipina so all are Pinoy-approved. The point is, negative misconceptions will always be there even if they’re really far from the truth. What you can do, as an interracial couple, is to take your time, take it slow and extend your patience whenever needed, work on your relationship and see beyond what other people think of what you and your Filipina girlfriend have.

Don’t forget to talk things out and express difficulties that you face on your side of the world and of the relationship. Honesty, effort and perseverance – these will get you through obstacles of this nature so make sure that there are plenty of these in your relationship.