Asian Date | How To Handle Asian Singles Who Are Unsure About Commitment

How To Handle Asian Singles Who Are Unsure About Commitment

Answer this question: how many Asian singles have you met who say that they want long-term relationships? That should be easy to answer because most of the singles you know may want to have long-term relationships. Here’s another question for you to answer: how many of those singles who want a long-term relationship are unsure about marriage? It’s not easy now, is it?

Dealing With Asian Singles Who Have Commitment Issues

It’s ironic to think that there are people out there who want to have long-term relationships but are not sure whether those relationships will end up in marriage.

There is absolutely no problem with Asian singles who only want companionship or short-lived affairs as long as they express what they want to the person they’re with and that the other person’s relationship goal is the same.

The big dilemma with those who have commitment issues is that they do want a relationship to last long, but they don’t know whether they can reach the point where they can be with this one person forever.

Why Are People Scared Of Commitment?

So, why are some people so scared of commitment? Most of the time, individuals who are afraid of commitment had plenty of relationships that ended badly. They might also have lived a life where unresolved issues are abundant. It’s that uncertainty that they are afraid of. If they get married, and their partner ends up cheating on them, or if the relationship doesn’t work out, it’ll be easier for them to walk away.

The Best Tip In Handling People With Commitment Issues

There’s no easy way out. You have to talk to your partner who is afraid of commitment. The dynamics of the relationship may change, but being with someone who is not sure of what he or she wants in the future is not healthy, in the first place. There will be friction in the relationship, especially when you’re at a point in your life when you’re ready to settle down.

Talk it out with your partner. Do not force it. Instead, find a way to move forward if the both of you are willing to do so.

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