How NOT to Creep Out Asian Women Online

Dating Asian Women OnlineAlthough there are plenty of Asian women online who are open to the idea of meeting and dating foreign men, there’s still a certain stigma with men they meet online. This is because most foreign men don’t know how to conduct themselves while chatting with an Asian woman online. Their actions, questions, and way of talking (or chatting) come off as, for the lack of a better term, creepy.

If you want to be successful in dating Asian women online, you have to lower down your creepiness factor. And, here are ways on how you can do it:

Chinese Greetings

“Ni Hao” this is a Chinese phrase for “Hello.” Most men who have been dating Asian women for a while know this phrase very well. That, however, doesn’t mean that you get to abuse this phrase whenever you meet a nice looking Asian woman online. Don’t send her this phrase as your very first greeting!

  • She may not be Chinese.
  • You’re assuming that she is which might be a big turn off.
  • Why not get to know her first and just say “Hi” to start things off?


Random Asian Friends


Telling an Asian woman online that you have an Asian friend who was also born in the same country as she was is a dead end. If it adds value to the conversation, then go ahead and mention your Asian friend, but you need to remember that not all Asians know each other. What’s the Asian woman online suppose to do with that? It’s upping the creep factor up. Don’t do it.


Random Asian Facts


While it is acceptable to talk about Asian things to the Asian women you meet online, it is not acceptable to blurt out random Asian facts just to have something to talk about. Again, if it is relevant to the conversation, by all means, insert whatever Asian fact you learn from your travels int the conversation. But, if you think that it’ll be too awkward to insert, pass and move on to your next topic of conversation.


Buying Into Stereotypes

How many stereotypes of Asian women have you come across? Not all of them are true, you know. For you to presume that an Asian woman is this and that before even getting to know her is just downright creepy. She may not be too keen on the family; she may be more independent than you, and she may very well be highly educated.


Smothering Her Space

Another thing Asian women find as creepy is when foreign men become too attached, too expressive, too lovey-dovey, too soon. Women from Asian countries understand that it takes a while for a man to get truly to know a woman and fall in love with her. Being too showy too soon might make her think that you’re only dating her for her “Asian-ness”, and that’s you’ve developed feelings rather quickly.


Low Key Advances

The ultimate creepy thing that you can do is to pass her some low key advances that make her uncomfortable. For example: “You are the sexiest lady I’ve seen all day.” While this sounds harmless and playful to some, you have to remember that there are Asian ladies who are a bit on the conservative side so maybe you should gauge the waters a little bit before making a remark on her figure, the way she dresses and so on.


Do you see a pattern here? The main thing is for you, the foreign man, to get to know the Asian woman before passing judgement or acting like a total creep.