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Will These Gorgeous Runners Come Running Towards You?

Have you ever tried dating a runner? Probably, your answer is no because runners can be intimidating most of the time. You might be thinking that dating one is going to be a chore, but this idea couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just ask these gorgeous runners.

These Gorgeous Runners Are Always Pumped Up With Endorphins

Are you familiar with the runner’s high? Whenever a person goes out for a run, they get pumped up with endorphins, otherwise known as the happy hormone. What this means for you is that you’ll be meeting ladies who always feel happy, making them approachable and actually friendly:


Xiaoyu40 - Asian Date Lady

Xiaoyu hasn’t been running a lot lately because she is focusing on her business and on finding love online. She still runs every now and then when she has time though. She says that running keeps her focused so she still hasn’t given it up, and likely wont.


Xiuqi40 - Asian Date Lady

Xiuqi is very straight to the point. In her dating profile, she says that she does not want to meet players anymore. She is very serious about finding a sincere person to care for. It’s likely that she may invite you to run with her, but don’t worry, she’s going to go easy on you.


Xiaojuan31 - Asian Date Lady

Xiaojuan is very dedicated. To stay in shape, she swims and then she runs. Typically, she wakes up very early in the morning then goes for a run, then a swim. She looks great, doesn’t she? It’s all about being healthy for her.


Hongjiao20 - Asian Date Lady

Hongjiao has six nicknames: Naturally engage with people”, “Joy”, “Grape King”, “Ice-sugar Gourd”, “Big Stomach King”, “Hang Two”. Maybe you should ask her exactly why she has those nicknames. You have to admit that they’re all pretty unique nicknames so there’s probably a pretty interesting story behind each one.


Meng41 - Asian Date Lady

Meng wants a change of environment. She actually wants something fresh because her life has just been so boring and stagnant. She wants to travel, and go on all sorts of adventures. But, she wants to have someone with her. Of course, you’re going to go running while you’re on your adventure. Does that sound good?

Don’t be shy to ask these ladies out, or at least say hello. You can run together too. Maybe this is your chance to be motivated to get into the running or active lifestyle. All you have to do is click on a lady’s name to visit her dating profile. You can send a message in the same way. For more lists similar to this, read other posts on the blog.