Gorgeous Asian Girls Who Love To Show Off Their Red Lips

Without a doubt, there is nothing that says “confidence” and “femininity” more than fiery red lips. These gorgeous Asian girls know it all too well, and they can really carry off the look oozing beauty and grace.

Meet Gorgeous Asian Girls Who Look Dreamy With Their Red Lipstick

Not everyone looks good wearing red lipstick, but these Asian beauties certainly do. Let’s take a more detailed look at them one by one.


Impressive Yuwei is looking for a loving man who can protect and take care of her.
The impressively beautiful Chinese girl is searching for a man to protect and care for her.

We’re kicking off today’s Top 5 with an absolute doll. Yuwei has perfect red lips and expressive eyes. But there’s more to her. She loves everything that’s beautiful in life, enjoys taking her dogs for a walk and maintains her beautiful figure at the gym. The Chinese beauty hopes that her future husband will be faithful, loving and caring; and that he’ll always protect her.


Gorgeous Asian beauty Shiyao is looking for a mature and kind man to steal her heart.
Exotic beauty Shiyao is a sight for sore eyes in her red lipstick.

Second on our list today is 21-year old art historian Shiyao, who’s a sight for sore eyes. Her long hair and expressive eyes are accentuated by her red lipstick. She has a number of interests, like dancing, singing, reading and traveling. Shiyao says she is sensual and mature, and she is interested in finding a mature and kind man.


Graceful and gorgeous with her red lipstick, Yiaofang is looking for a man who will communicate everything with her.
Lithe Chinese beauty Xiaofang is family-oriented, compassionate and adventurous.

Stunning designer Xiaofang is a compassionate, giving person who is always up for new experiences. The 25-year-old, who enjoys all sorts of activities, is a self-professed “one-man woman”.  She is looking for a hard-working, young-at-heart man who will share everything with her to live a happy, “colorful” life with.


Independent and humorous Xien is just one of our gorgeous Asian girls.
This gorgeous red-lipped singer is looking for her very own poet to love.

She may look like a delicate flower, but Xien is clever and independent. Hailing from a music family, the gorgeous singer believes that love turns people into poets, and she dreams of finding her own poet to love. Apart from her red lipstick, she also loves red roses. If you are mature, honest and kind, you are in with a chance to win her heart.


Xiaoyan looks super cute with her red lips and radianf smile.
Sweet Xiaoyan wears her red lipstick and wide smile wonderfully. Don’t be fooled, though- she can get naughty.

Last on our list is sweet Xiaoyan. She has one of the most radiant smiles, complimented by her luscious red lips. The Chinese lawyer is quite the interesting mix. She says she’s serious at work and “crazy in the bedroom”. Xiaoyan promises to be 100% loyal when she finds the right man. He needs to, above all else, love her very much and be honest, irrespective of his age and nationality.

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