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These Good Girls Don’t Drink, They Have Fun In Other Ways

There are men who would like to find a good, old-fashion girl who still believes in traditional values. This could be interpreted in many ways. But in essence, a woman having a traditional mindset believes in femininity and a woman’s meekness. If this sounds like you, then you’re looking for good girls.

For Good Girls, Fun Isn’t About Partying

If you go to Asia, you will still meet a lot of good girls with traditional mindsets. Yes, there are those who have adopted the Western way of thinking – being independent and too outspoken. There’s nothing wrong with these traits, of course, but there are those who would rather meet ladies who are soft-spoken and would like to stay at home:


Liu25 - Asian Date Lady

Lui is a helpful lady. She says that she’s always willing to help those in need. Whether they are strangers, friends or family, she always wants to extend her hand. Her parents and friends say that she sometimes gives too much of her, but that’s just who she is.


Qing23 - Asian Date Lady

Qing says that she was taught well by her parents in terms of manners. Aside from learning a lot of things from her studies, she learned never to be rude to people. It was one of the major rules of her parents. Because of this, she appears soft-spoken, graceful and cultured.


Juanjuan20 - Asian Date Lady

JuanJuan says that her life is amazing. She is an independent designer that creates whenever she gets the inspiration. Her life is almost complete. One thing that’s missing is, of course, the love of her life. She may make others smile, but she’s excited to meet someone who will do the same to her.


Bingbing25 - Asian Date Lady

Bingbing looks very serious in her photos. That’s probably because she is the serious type of girl. This doesn’t mean that she’s uptight, though. She just goes through life focused and with a purpose. She knows what she wants and she goes for it.


Yiyi24 - Good Girls | Asian Date Lady

Yiyi is very lively. Everyone says that she has a bright personality and she agrees. You will always spot her with a smile on her face. Of course, she gets sad too, but she knows how to cheer herself up, and she can do the same to those around her.

Please understand, good girls are not introverts. They simply don’t think that partying or drinking is for them. They love social gatherings, definitely, but they prefer to be true to themselves and standby their beliefs. For more updates and lists, read other posts on the blog.