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How Going Against Your Culture Will Help You Find Love

If you’ve been meeting ladies on the internet for a while, you’ll know that the experience can sometimes be disappointing and heartbreaking. Though your intentions are sincere, there are people who use online dating as a way to hook-up or have short-term relationships just for fun. Is going against your culture the answer? Or, should you stick to what you believe in?

Going Against Your Culture Will Bring You Closer To Being In A Sincere Relationship

If short-term relationships are your thing, then good. However, most online daters want to find someone who they can be with for the rest of their life. So how do you go against this “hook up” culture many are into today to find true love?

1. Be Realistic With Your Dating Expectations

Don’t expect to fall in love at first sight or fall in love immediately. You have to understand that true love will surpass the love at first sight feeling. It is more than that. With all certainty, love isn’t just an emotion that we “fall into”. The sooner you understand this, the more realistic your expectations will be.

2. The Essentials List

What is in your list of essentials? By list, it means your preferences. Take away items that you can compromise on. For example, hair colors or eye color (the superficial things). Stick to what you find most important in a partner – compassion, kindness, lovingness, and the like.

3. Seek Third-Party Input

It’s sometimes hard to be on the right path of true love. To stir you towards the right direction, ask a trusted friend’s advice. Be accountable to him or her for actions that are detrimental to your goal.

You have to understand that going against your culture won’t be easy. If you seek advice from friends who are into the “hook up” culture, then you won’t like their opinion about you finding lasting love. However, if you persist, and you find a person you can trust to help you, you may find yourself happier and closer to the person you’ve been looking for. There are more dating tips for you on the blog so make sure to check it out.