The girls in crop tops list is hard to resist.

Girls in Crop Tops Are Yet Another Reason To Love Warm Weather

As the temperatures rise, so do the tops of pretty girls; which makes us really look forward to the advent of summer. Here are some of the prettiest Asian girls in crop tops, making up our special Asian Top 5 today.

The Unquestionable Beauty Of Girls in Crop Tops

Who can resist the beauty of a well-formed midriff as it peaks under a pretty crop top? Today’s Top 5 of girls in crop tops celebrates the femininity and irresistible attraction of a pretty girl’s belly.


Yahnyun is the first on our girls with crop tops list.
Tall beauty Yanyun is looking for someone to run a family and her business together.

We’re kicking off this list with gorgeous Yanyun from Beijing. This 26-year-old girl has been described as a “charming fox” by her friends but says you shouldn’t be afraid to approach her. In her free time, she loves to watch movies and read books, but Yanyun is also a good cook. In her own words, Yanyun is wealthy and doesn’t care if her prospective partner is rich or not. She is also willing to move abroad, as she likes the western lifestyle.


The second entry on the girls with crop tops list is an Indian actress.
This Indian goddess says she’s ready for a serious relationship.

The second lady on our list comes from New Delhi, in India. She is an actress who describes herself as tender and delicate and says she is ready for a serious relationship. The 22-year-old beauty loves nature, especially rivers and lakes, and also enjoys cooking healthily. The kind of man she’s looking for has to be gentle and charismatic, as well as respectful and frank.


Caimin is the 3rd entry on the girls with crop tops list today.
21-year-old Caimin loves taking selfies.

It’s the middle of our list already. Allow us to introduce you to a 21-year-old sweetheart from China: Caimin. Caimin describes herself as down-to-earth, frugal, a person who keeps her promises and a woman who loves to look after her appearance. She likes to cross-stitch, use technology to communicate with her friends, and keep up-to-date with entertainment news. Her ideal partner should be sociable and loyal, have an athletic figure and a certain economic basis that would offer the couple a good daily life


The penultimate entry on the girls with crop tops list is a businesswoman.
Beautiful Xueju is looking for a man who won’t be intimidated by her wealth.

In the fourth spot of our list, we meet a 21-year-old business owner: Xueju. The Chinese lady with the fine figure is the owner of some private schools and works as a teacher. She is a fan of dancing, singing, swimming walking, cycling, watching films and also has a special flair for investing in stocks. The type of man she’s looking for has to be passionate, expressive of his feelings, and comfortable with the fact Xueju is wealthy.


Yuwen is the last lady on the girls in crop tops list.
Lovely Yuwen is looking for a romantic man who likes intimacy.

Last but not least, we meet Yuwen. This 35-year-old beauty salon owner is simply stunning in her stylish crop top. She describes herself as “easy going, kind-hearted, virtuous, and competent” but makes it clear there’s much more to discover once you get to know her. In her spare time, Yuwen enjoys gardening, taking care of her pets, swimming, playing table tennis, practicing yoga, and dancing. Her kind of guy is someone who’s family-oriented, good-hearted and down-to-earth.

We hope you enjoyed today’s list of girls in crop tops. For the chance to browse some of our previous Top 5s, click here. See you again next week for another exciting list of gorgeous Asian ladies.