Getting Ready for Thailand

Thailand Asian DatingThings to Know or Bring Before Coming to Thailand

If you’re planning to go to Thailand to personally meet a friend that you’ve been chatting with on the internet for a long time, don’t just yet. Hold your horses! You must be feeling on top of the world knowing that you’re going to meet the person that you’ve wanted to share your special moments with, but we’d like to get you ready for the big trip. Thailand is definitely beautiful and we’re sure that you’re going to have a great experience when visiting, but here’s what you need to know before you go:

Learn the WAI

No, the “WAI” is not a Thai dance trend. It’s how Thais greet each other. Forget the good old handshake and start learning how to bow the Thai way. It’s very simple to do and there are three levels of how you can do it. Click here for a quick guide to show you exactly how it looks.

Mosquito Zapper – A Must!

Don’t get carried away, Thailand is not infested by swarms of mosquitoes but it’s a fact that most Asian countries (especially the ones with tropical weather) have above average mosquitoes flying around a household. As a precaution (and it could be loads of fun zapping mosquitoes with an electric racket) use an electric zapper.

Carry Toilet Paper with You

Restrooms in Thailand don’t have a steady supply of toilet paper like how it is in the States. In fact, it’s not very common in Thailand to haveThai Women roles of tissue inside their restrooms. Hotels and other fancy places are of course exempted but a tissue role inside your bag will come in handy every once in a while when nature calls.

Taking Shoes Off

As early as now, you have to condition yourself to take your shoes off when entering a home, a room or a temple. This is a very common cultural tradition in many Asian countries and Thailand is no exception. It’s considered rude and impolite if you do otherwise. You may forget from time to time but what will remind you is a portion of the house, right after you enter the door, where you’ll find a rack with dozens of shoes and slippers.

Stick to Bottled Water

This is mostly considered as a general rule when travelling. When staying in Thailand, there are areas where the water is fine but stick to purified bottled water so you don’t get the hassle of having an upset stomach.

There are a lot more things that you need to know but that should do it for your first trip. Let’s leave the rest to experience. Now, you’re ready to meet the Thai woman. Happy trip to Thailand!