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This Beverage Will Help You Get More Responses On Dating Sites

One of the biggest concerns of online dating site users is getting more responses, or, at the very least, getting a reply. It can be very annoying and downright depressing when you always get ignored. So, how do you get more responses and chat more actively?

Try Mentioning This Beverage On Your Profile To Get More Responses

Would you believe that there are certain beverages that will get more responses? It seems that people are concerned about what drink you can offer. Take a look at the list of drinks below to see what your online date may prefer:

Sparkling Wine

When Sparkling Wine was mentioned, it was discovered that there was a 29% increase in the response rate. It may be because sparkling wine speaks elegance and some style that people are attracted to. It could also be because it’s not a hard drink that can get you tipsy. Your potential date trusts what you are offering and also eventually trusts you.

Long Island Iced Teas

These drinks are just cocktails, but they seemed to be more interesting to potential dates in online sites. Casually mentioning this in the chat or on your profile can increase the response rate to 15%.


As the name suggests, Caipirinha is a Brazilian drink. If the person you are eyeing is well read and traveled, perhaps they associate Caipirinha with the keywords “party”, “fun”, and “good time”. With a mere mention of this drink, this Brazilian mix can get your response rate up by 10%.

Other Interesting Drinks

Some of the other drinks that made the list are Bellinis, brandy, Fireball, and champagne.

For Non-Drinkers

Meanwhile, if the person does not partake of alcoholic beverages, try bringing up kombucha. A whopping 16% increase was seen when this drink was offered to non-drinkers. Other mixes that get people interested are matcha, LaCroix, espresso, and even ginger ale. You get the fun without the hangover.

All of the drinks listed are based on a study. It is quite interesting to see the behavior of people who are online dating. Who would have thought that the mere mention of some kinds of drinks would get more responses? Just make sure that you can follow through with whatever you are offering so it’s not just more responses you’re getting but more dates as well. For more tips, read other posts on the blog.