A list of funny girls who will charm you.

Funny Girls You’ll Never Get Bored With

A good sense of humor is like a true gift from God because a humorous person can deal with the hardest adversities of life with a positive outlook and a smile. Even if you are not exactly like this, it is important to choose a partner who is gifted this way. Today’s list of funny girls is a fun, exciting list of ladies who can bring a smile to your face with their wit and charisma.

These Funny Girls Will Bring Joy To Your Life

Everybody comes across difficulties in life, no one can expect a problem-free reality. However, we can change our attitude towards things in order to see them through a different, most optimistic angle. If you’re not sure how to do this, these girls have the answer.


Ran is the first in the funny girls list.
Ran is a gorgeous model who loves smiling people.

Kicking off today’s happy list is Ran, a pretty 24-year-old lady from Zhengzhou. Ran is a model who considers herself to be humorous, fashionable, outgoing, and very friendly. In her spare time, the stunning beauty likes playing the guitar, drawing, dancing, cooking and reading literature. For Ran, the ideal man is someone who’s responsible, humorous and sincere. He should also love her with all his heart. Sharing the same interests would be a bonus.


The second lady in the funny girls list is Yu.
Stunning Yu is looking for a man who’ll treat her like a princess.

Beautiful Yu is second on our list of funny girls. Yu is 21 years old and comes from Xian, in China. The girl with the beaming smile works as a model and describes herself as “open-minded and easygoing” and promises to make the difference in your life. For leisure, the tall girl enjoys reading, singing, dancing and traveling around the world making friends. Yu is looking for a guy who will treat her as a princess and accept both her positive and negative sides.


Youdan is a pretty girl in the funny girls list.
Youdan wants you to know she is honestly looking for a life partner, not playing games.


At the heart of today’s list, we find Youdan, a sweet girl from Guangdong. The beautiful 29-year-old lady works as a bank employee. Her friends tell her she has ‘a sunny’ smile, and love her jokes. In her free time, Youdan loves traveling, photography, and baking. The kind of partner Youdan is looking for is someone who’s kind, honest, enterprising and responsible. She points out that she is serious about finding a long-term partner.


Yana is the penultimate entry on the list of funny girls.
This 19-year-old student may seem shy at first, but you’ll be surprised.

In the penultimate position of today’s list of amazing funny girls, we find Yana, a 19-year-old student from Kazakhstan. The lovely brunette loves to laugh and is not afraid to make a fool of herself for fun. She says that you might think she’s shy at first, but you’ll be surprised by her big personality later. Yana enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, working out and watching movies. The ideal man for Yana is someone who will respect her and want to make a family. He also has to be kind and caring and to have a good sense of humor.


Last entry on the funny girls list in Warunee.
The beautiful Thai is looking for a man who’s not intimidated by strong women.

The last lady to grace our funny girls’ list is Warunee, a beauty from Thailand. The 26-year-old girl with the expressive eyes is a beautician. She describes herself as “an active and goal-oriented person, a real woman, feminine and charming, understanding and caring”. N her spare time, the Thai beauty likes being with friends outdoors, playing different active games. She also likes reading, traveling and cooking for her family. Warunee’s type of man is someone who’s wise, stable, committed, intelligent and kind, with a fine sense of humor. He should not be afraid of beautiful, smart, and serious women.

Unfortunately, that’s all for this week. We hope our list of funny girls has brightened up your day a little. If you want to find out more about a girl or see more photos of her, just click on her profile name. For the chance to meet more exciting Asian ladies, visit AsianDate today. To facilitate your communication with them, you may also want to download our date and chat app. Until next week, you can browse our previous lists of ladies too.