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Funny Conversations Starters for Asian Girls

You finally landed a date with the pretty Asian girl you met online. Or maybe just the cute Asian girl you met in the gym. From a little bit of research you did online, you know that one sure-fire hit for Asian girls, as well as Asian women the world over, would be a man with a good sense of humor.

While being funny is definitely a huge plus point but, for someone who is not innately funny, this can be risky business. You risk making a fool of yourself thus ruining first impressions, or you can come off as someone who could not be taken seriously. So how do you start off the night on a light note?

Here are a few conversation starters that are both fun without crossing the racial lines.

So, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

This is a fun one. Asking an adult this question is sure to, at the very least, bring a smile up to your date’s lips. This also doubles as a compliment to your Asian girls as you are insinuating she is “young”. Although, if your date is a little bit on the short side, try to use this with consideration as she might have been made fun of for looking like a child. This is best delivered in a matter-of-fact manner with a smile.

What do you think of raising dodo birds?

Okay, dodo birds are extinct. But surely, this should illicit a small laugh from your date. This should also give you a chance to segue to asking her if she likes animals and possibly find common ground. Who knows, she might love Labradors as much as you.

What do you usually do when the power goes out and your home alone?

This usually gets a “huh?” response, but is often followed by you and her looking at each other for a split second before you both start laughing. Although, sometimes, you get actual answers that would let you peek into whom she is as a person and is an interesting piece of conversation that is sure to launch the date into a fun night that you both will surely remember.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

This is more on the geeky side without going through the Asian stereotype of “Asians are geeks/nerds” category. This is safely on a neutral ground and is actually fun because after the laugh she might tell you what it is and give you an insight on what she likes. In case you’re a comic book buff, you get to let her know that you like these stuff without coming across as a geek thus retaining your “cool” status.

How’d you find out Santa was made up?

Here’s another fun starter, especially around the holiday season. Though this works all year round. It’s going to be fun because she’d probably tell you a short anecdote on how she saw daddy sneaking downstairs to put gifts under the tree dressed in a red suit with a pillow in his tummy. Also, this keeps the atmosphere fun and will give her an idea that you are one fun guy and the rest of the date should be off to a good start.

Asian girls, like most women, appreciate a man who makes her laugh. And, to make sure your first date leaves a great impression, just veer away from Asian stereotypes and keep the conversation clean. Try not to veer the conversation towards her being Asian and make sure that you show your interest in her as a woman and not on her nationality.