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Four Things To Change On Your Online Dating Profile

It’s been months since you’ve last seen what your dating profile looked like, hasn’t it? You’ve already set it up so you probably don’t think that much of it because of you’ve checked it off your list of things you need to do before starting online dating. You may want to rethink something though, mainly the idea that you don’t need to do anything with your profile once you’ve set it up. On the contrary, its a must that you update it especially if you’re still actively doing online dating.

So, now is the perfect time to visit your profile and take a look at it once again. We know how difficult it might have been for you to set it up the way you have it now in the first place but we’re here to help with four things you need to change on your online dating profile right now.

Online Dating Profile Checklist

#1: Change Your Profile Picture, You Need A Recent One

You may be asking why you need to change your profile picture when your face remains the same. Well, we’re not really saying that your face needs updating but we’re sure that you’ve had a lot of pictures of you taken since you first made your profile. Think of it as a fresh start and since your profile picture is the first thing that people see, you should start here.

TIP: When changing your profile picture on your online dating profile, make sure that it’s a picture of just you looking straight to the camera, donning a charming smile.

#2: Spruce Up Your “About Me” By Updating It With Your New Interests

Fact: Change is inevitable and it happens everyday. For you to attract your perfect mate, you have to dynamically update your interests. It could be music that your currently listening to, it could be you making plaid shirts your fashion statement for this year or whatever else rocks your boat.

#3: Change The Pictures On Your Profile (Conditional)

The pictures on your profile reflect who you are and help people who pass by your profile get a clearer picture of your personality. If you feel like your pictures already say a lot about you, you can leave them as is but if you’ve had a dozen or more new adventures (traveling to Asia, taking a cooking class, starting a new hobby) with pictures as proof, consider uploading them into your online dating profile.

TIP: If people pay attention, pictures on profiles could be great ice breakers. When visiting a profile, check out the gallery of pics and then ask questions about them.

#4: Update “Who I want to meet”.

Have your preferences changed? You wanted a serious relationship with a Chinese woman last year but this year, but after a few let downs and one major rejection, you’ve decided to take a rest from all the seriousness and just find women who want to have fun. It could also be the other way around too, depending on what revelation and realizations you’ve had since you first made your online dating profile.

Change is Good

Updating your dating profile is one way of “renewing your spirit”and enthusiasm in finding your perfect match online. It may sound like a lot of work but it really isn’t as long as you put in the experiences and new lessons you’ve learned since you first started. Put in the effort and you might just get lucky. In the meantime, visit the rest of our blog.